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services. We help you place innovation at the heart of your business to empower you to move faster, scale faster, make informed and data-backed decisions, and reduce operational costs. We help you build an extension to your existing web property or a stand-alone app with robust process automation capabilities. Be future-ready, achieve scalability, and robust security with our saas solutions. Begin your journey to #bethenext.

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Web Services Based Integration/

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We understand the core of your business and deliver end to end SaaS app development services.

SaaS Application Consulting and Development

We, being one of the leading

SaaS Application development companies,

help you plan and develop scalable, maintainable, and upgradeable SaaS application with the right architecture and technologies to hit the target market on time. Our technical and strategic assistance enables you to meet the roadmap plan, implement the right application, save time, resource, and cost.

Mobile Application Development

As a strategic partner, we help you identify the right technologies and features, while our technical team helps you apply them in your SaaS business applications. Our expertise in developing APIs for mobile applications, wearables applications, STB and other devices helps you gain an edge over competition.

Multi Tenant Application Development

We implement the adept multitenant architecture for B2B-B2C to derive benefits for businesses, resellers (tenants), and customers through our service-based subscription model. We help you take advantage of centralized administration yet maintaining security, obtain optimal efficiency, performance, upgrades, and service support.

Microservices Application Development

We stand as the dependable partners for microservices architecture based easily maintainable and upgradable application development with zero downtime. We assist you in remodeling the work processes, reduce development complexity as your business changes, and keep your business in pace with the evolving technology.

Third Party APIs Integration

We enable you to integrate various third-party services to power up your mail campaigns, payment gateway, product filters, live chat, and other customer support features to reduce time to market and make the product functionally rich. Our experts help you meet your brand-specific requirements, resolve issues, enhance operations, understand customer behavior and thus increase sales and support.

End to End DevOps

DevOps is critical for SaaS application where an application is deployed on solution provider’s infrastructure used by the customers. We deploy end-to-end DevOps with Continuous Integration/Deployment and Monitoring Services. We add value to customers’ application with our expertise in cloud services AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Bluemix.

Security and Compliances

Application security is the foremost requirement. We at Oodles offer best-in-class security solutions for

SaaS applications

with our native and third-party services such as Cloudflare. With best security practices, our experts analyze and implement data privacy and security which adhere to compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, among others.

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Enhance your business in the cloud with customer-centric, scalable, and future-ready

SaaS applications.

Simplified User Experience

We help in implementing research-based, engaging UI/UX for varied target audience to enhance the application usability, solve users’ problems, and proactively engage with target users. We bring the necessary user stickiness by optimizing the SaaS user experience for reliability and security in B2B and B2C environment.

Simple and Intuitive
Focused on Solving Problems
Easy to Use
Research Driven

Streamlined Data Management

We offer assistance in analyzing the complex data and creating critical reports in lesser time by implementing the right database management. We ensure that it is unique to the business and runs efficiently. Our expertise in data visualization, big data, and reporting tools makes us the preferred development partner.

SQL and NoSQL Database

Delivering fully managed database service for your business

Reporting and Analytics

Transforming raw data into insights for informed decision-making

Data Visualization Solution

Making sense of data and converting it into interactive graphs and charts

Custom Data Management

Solving data management challenges with custom solutions

Data Warehouse Management

Extracting, transforming, loading, and managing data quickly and easily

Cloud Services and Strategy

Our expertise in cloud consulting, architecture, and managed services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, Bluemix helps our customers in developing easily deployable, maintainable and, scalable SaaS application using benefits of various on-demand cloud services such as application monitoring, Function-as-a Service, Chatbot, and Database services.

Cloud Consultancy

Helping you choose the right cloud tools, platform, and architecture

Cloud Scaling

Scaling your business environment as per the business dynamics

Cloud Development

Helping you reduce development costs, achieve scale and speed with cloud-powered applications

Robust SaaS Re-engineering and Optimization

It is crucial to implement SaaS business model and consistently maintain and optimize the app performance. Whether it is architectural changes or query optimization, we focus on the needs of the customers, visualize roadmaps, and re-architect as per the demand.

Intelligent Development

In the world of digital transformation, we make your business smart and automated while helping you deliver interactive customer service functions.

Recommendation Engine

Generating relevant product/services recommendations for customers based on their search/purchase behavior

Chatbot and Conversational AI

Staying available for customers 24*7*365 while reducing customer service costs with Alexa, Google Voice, and other service integrations


Adding efficiency by automating the processes and let your team focus on what matters most for your business

Intelligent Services

Leveraging data and analytics for continued improvement in your business processes

Architect business with our framework expertise

Our industry expertise coupled with innovative services exceed customers expectations and transform businesses.

Our SaaS tech stack

Innovative, next-gen technologies for successful application development, modernization, and maintenance.

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