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Being an early adopter of blockchain and having gained extensive experience in multiple blockchain technologies over the years, we specialize in delivering custom blockchain solutions to businesses across diverse industries. We build blockchain-enabled applications, smart contracts, NFT marketplaces, custom DeFi solutions, etc, and help you navigate through the adoption, integration, and implementation journeys of various blockchain networks. Our seasoned team assists in selecting the right blockchain technology and architecting highly secure, interoperable, decentralized, scalable, and robust blockchain platforms that are custom-tailored to the client’s needs.

End-To-End Blockchain Solutions

From technology, consulting, and development to integration, testing services, and beyond

DApp Development Services
We bring next-gen innovation and solutions to your business by developing decentralized applications. We enable you to leverage the power of blockchain and the robustness of dApps to solve business and customer issues by connecting buyers, sellers, and owners, exploring the eCommerce market, social media services, crowdfunding, gaming, and more.
  • DApp design & development
  • MVP Control Solutions
  • Token Incentivization
  • DApp as Microservices
  • ETH/Hyperledger based DApps
  • DApp Migration & Porting
Smart Contracts Development
Our blockchain development experts enable you to achieve transparent record-keeping, make convenient transactions, automate monitoring, reduce intermediary costs, create accurate and immutable contract systems, and facilitate upgrades through our smart contract development.
  • Smart Contract Design & Development
  • Smart Contract Optimization
  • Smart Contract For Digital Wallets
  • Smart Contract For DEX
  • Smart Contract for DApps
NFT Development
Create distinguishable and unique Non-Fungible Tokens and attest the ownership of your digital assets with our NFT development services. With our end-to-end NFT marketplace development solutions, businesses can process colossal volumes of scalable tokens in accordance with the project requirements.
  • Asset Fractionalization
  • Decentralized NFT Development
  • Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development
  • Multi-Chain NFT Platform Development
  • NFT Launchpad Development
  • NFT Gaming Development
  • White-Label NFT Marketplace Development
DeFi Platform Development
At Oodles Technologies, we bring the relevance of blockchain to the financial sector by facilitating faster payment infrastructure and processing at reduced transaction costs, enabling cross-border payments, and creating a robust and decentralized financial ecosystem. Our versatile services include:
  • DeFi Exchange Development
  • DeFi Wallet Development
  • POS/Merchant Solutions
  • Crowdsale/Smart Contract Development
  • DeFi Lending Solutions
  • DeFi Staking Platform Development
Hyperledger Blockchain
With our Hyperledger application development services, we build and deploy custom cross-industry Hyperledger blockchain applications using frameworks like Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Iroha, and Hyperledger Sawtooth. We also offer extensive assistance in hybrid (on-chain and off-chain) Hyperledger projects.
  • Hyperledger Blockchain Development
  • Hyperledger Chaincode Development
  • Custom Hyperledger Technology Tools
  • Permissioned Hyperledger App Development
  • PoC Development
Ethereum App Development
At Oodles Technologies, our competent Ethereum dApp developers create apps that prevent tampering with data, possess high resistance against a security breach, and have zero downtime. We implement cutting-edge tools and technologies to bring optimal development solutions as per the business demands.
  • ERC-20 Token Standards
  • ERC-721 Token Standards
  • ERC 1155 Token Standards
  • ETH-based Sidechain Aggregation
  • Custom ETH Blockchain Development

Our Core Competencies

Avail our cross-industry blockchain application development services to drive business growth

Cosmos Based Blockchain Development

Cosmos is the internet of blockchain, giving access to powerful tools that magnify the efficiency of blockchain creation. It enables blockchains to exchange data, communicate, and transact with other blockchains whilst boosting scalability, sovereignty, and usability. With cosmos DApp development, the blockchain development team at Oodles focuses on improving platform capabilities and solving interoperability challenges. We work on all three layers of Cosmos architecture: the Cosmos Consensus Layer, the Cosmos Networking Layer, and the Cosmos Application Layer.

NFT Marketplace Development

We offer NFT marketplace development services with cross-chain capabilities. It includes an expansive range of blockchain-based NFT solutions such as NFT token development, NFT launchpad development, white-label NFT marketplace development, metaverse NFT marketplace development, and cross-chain NFT marketplace development for diverse industries such as real estate, entertainment, education, video streaming, gaming, and more. Our blockchain development team also builds on-demand NFT marketplaces with multiple security layers and NFT storage solutions including images, video, and audio in a decentralized way on IPFS.

NFT Multi-Chain Launchpad Development

With NFT launchpad development services, our team makes it easy for you to mint, launch, and promote your NFT initiatives. It entails benefits such as quick launch of NFT projects in the market, community building, automated liquidity pools, higher investment returns, and complete customization of metaverse NFTs. Our services include: Launchpad for NFT marketplace, NFT Launchpad for P2E platforms, multi-chain platform development, NFT Launchpad for wallets, NFT launchpad for artists, NFT launchpad for gamers, and NFT launchpad for musicians.

Multi-Layer Blockchain Development

Our blockchain implementations across multiple industries ease the challenges of processes and technology interoperability with blockchain app development. For multi-chain blockchain development, we work with Fundamental Layer-1 including BFT, PoS, and Hybrid PoW, the Execution Layer-2 including Smart Contracts, ETH virtual machine and Hyperledger Chaincode, and Layer-3 applications including decentralized applications and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Some of the most prominent Layer-3 solutions that we offer include Polygon, Cosmos, IBC, and more.

Document Management on Blockchain

Solve complex business challenges with our records and document management services on blockchain. Our team offers comprehensive decentralized file management solutions to businesses that facilitate the verification and authentication of paper documents, public-key encryption, distributed record-keeping system development, and access to digital ownership. We also build private blockchains with custom security definitions to manage licensing rights, enable royalty payments, digital asset management, and transparent handling and tracking of documents & media files.

Decentralized Video Streaming

Harness the power of immersive and engaging digital media with our decentralized audio/video streaming app development based on blockchain services. We create custom blockchains that handle multiple streaming and processing roles in accordance with relative consensus systems. With real-time decentralized video conferencing platforms, live concerts streaming on blockchain, and decentralized video-on-demand platform development, we offer trust, scalability, and accessibility to businesses. In addition to PoW and PoS systems, we also work on Proof of Transcoding, Proof of Storage, and Proof of Retrievability for the blockchain video streaming domain.

Inter-Blockchain Communication

Having in-depth industry experience, we are experts in creating dynamic networks of multi-chain blockchain for inter-chain blockchain communication. Our IBC services enable you to build shared ledgers and transfer or transact tokens between existing chains. With protocols such as Cosmos Hub and Polkadot, we develop bridges between muti-chains whilst also offering automated interoperability. We also use Inter-Blockchain Communication to build a myriad of cross-chain applications such as Oracle data feeds, messaging, cross-chain smart contracts, and NFT transfers.

Multi-Chain Bridge Development

We construct multi-chain ecosystems using chains like Polkadot and Cosmos to solve the problems of cross-chain bridges. Our multi-chain bridge development services enable you to simultaneously transact across multiple chains without moving from one network to another. The blockchain development team builds networks of blockchains for decentralized communication. We use standardized tools and blockchain techs such as Tendermint, IBC, and Cosmos SDK that facilitate the development of secure, scalable, interoperable, and specialized blockchain applications.


Offering custom blockchain development and blockchain metaverse services across diverse industries

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At Oodles Technologies, we offer multichain blockchain development services using the latest blockchain standards, tools, and
blockchain development platforms

Theta Blockchain

Cross-Chain Native Tokens

We build interoperable blockchain ecosystems with cross-chain bridge tokens









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