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With our software testing services, compress time to market, reduce costs, and earn customer loyalty by delivering product to perfection. Our QAs and testing engineers use Shift-left and Continuous Delivery approach in all stages of development to ensure stability, usability, and scalability of the product or services. Our quality assurance services ensure that the final product fulfils the specifications flawlessly. Ready to deliver products that an end user wants? #bethenext

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Implement the best practices and solutions for your organization and end users.

Ensure high quality software
Improve application performance
Reduce development costs
Standardize processes
Workflow traceability
Secure and reliable solutions
Prevent slow-downs
Deliver on-time & on-specification
Secure usability
Satisfied customers

Oodles full-stack QA services

Obtain robust and total quality solutions at each milestone of the product life cycle.

Accessibility Testing

Measure your product/application’s ability to be easily customized or modified for differently abled or mobility-impaired users. Determine legal compliance requirements of a developed software product, functionality issues, customer satisfaction factor, and usability issues. We assure that the software is usable for people with disabilities such as visual, physical, hearing, cognitive, or learning impairment.


Verifying the compliance of the products against legal requirements


Ensuring your product is in ready-to-use condition for users with disabilities

Increase Revenue

Making your product appealing to the global users and increasing product purchase and revenue

Manual Testing

We, at Oodles follow a user-centric approach, ensure traceability of your specific requirements, deliver extensive reports on test-processes which include but are not limited to functional testing, usability, browser compatibility and sanity testing and enable you to deliver immaculate products within the stipulated time frame.

Test Plan Documentation

Providing a detailed and systematic approach for software testing applications

Error-free Product

Detecting the errors or defects and ensuring that they are fixed


Reducing initial investment cost for newly designed test cases

Test Automation

We automate unit, functional, and performance testing for software, mobile and web apps, and websites. Automation reduces time spent on repetitive test cases, reduces costs, assist you to overcome manual capabilities, deliver products as scheduled with high quality to control customer attrition.

Optimal Utilization of Resources

Making optimum use of resources, best practices, and tools by executing automated tests simultaneously on multiple servers while reducing time and resource costs

Data-driven Testing

Supporting continuous development process and implementing scenario-based testing

Cross-browser and Cross-device Testing

Ensuring that your application performs consistently on all browsers and devices

Security Testing

Ensure that your software is free from vulnerabilities, threats, or the risks by detecting all the loopholes, weaknesses, and assist developers to fix it before the threat occurs, and hamper normal functionality. We focus to ensure that your network, system software, client-side application, and/or the server-side application are secured, protected, and compliant.

Comprehensive Reports

Providing valuable insights for your security ecosystem and safeguarding your IT assets with future-proof operational systems

Data Protection

Protecting your confidential data by utilizing advanced scanning systems

Security Policy Compliance

Identifying issues and problems with reference to business security policies and its implementation

Performance Testing

Our quality assurance process ensure that your software perform exceedingly well under any load, stress, or performance criterion level by reviewing the quality attributes such as scalability, reliability, and speed. We ensure that the application run fast in optimal and less-optimal scenarios as well, is consistent with different varied volume of users, and perform well amidst large users.

Satisfied Users

Helping you achieve high customer satisfaction with improved performance, reduced failure risks, and maintained systems

Elimination of Bottlenecks

Achieving a reliable application at a faster rate through timely identification and removal of bottlenecks

Capacity Management

Measuring the performance of the system, configuring hardware or production to manage the business capacity

API Testing

We assure higher returns on investment for released products through API testing which enables for language independency, GUI independency, enhanced test coverage and faster release time. We investigate applications with varied API functionalities that influence API calls differently, expose failures, and ensure that they interact and communicate with other applications successfully.

Application Access without User Interface

Detecting and recognizing the errors at an earlier stage by gaining access to application without users’ interaction and curbing possible issues that might occur during GUI testing

Application Protection

Protecting the application from malicious code or breakdown and removing vulnerabilities

Faster Results

Providing faster test results through early evaluation and reducing the overall testing costs

Compatibility Testing

We test if your software, application, or website are compatible with all OS, software applications, and hardware that you support. and runs flawlessly on the client’ environment i.e., the operation environment , fulfills Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and customer demands. We identify and verify issues with data integration, visual appeal, and ensure that the application perform aptly on multiple browsers, versions, operating systems, varied connection speed, or in conjunction with third party application.

Ensure Uniform User Experience

Ensuring that your customers avail a similar experience amidst varied computing environment by optimizing the product quality

Facilitate Marketability

Facilitating market extensibility with proper pricing by enhancing software development process through feedback prior to product release

Cost-effective Solution

Reducing help desk costs to address compatibility issues by meeting business and user requirements with a well-tested product

Functional Testing

Our functionality testing monitor the performance of the developed software with reference to expected functionalities such as suitability, accuracy, interoperability, compliance, and security. We boost functional traits, find and rule out vulnerability and unidentified bugs, validate integration and interaction of software components, and ensure that your business requirements are fulfilled.

Reliability Assurance

Ensuring effective and flawless functioning of the software by validating the reliability through system integration testing

No Repetitive Occurrence of Defects

Validating the functionality of software consistently by repeated and continuous regression tests

Improved Quality

Improving functionality, efficiency, and accuracy of the product as per business needs through automation and user acceptance testing

Usability Testing

Our QA engineers evaluate ease of use for product or service in detail as representative users. We collect qualitative and quantitative data, identify usability problems before launch, and ensure the product’s features are aligned with the usability requirements. Gain the marketing edge with our usability testing, audit techniques, and the customer journey analysis.

Intelligent Marketing

Optimizing customers journey by gaining critical intelligence on how they interact with software and your brand, helping you increase productivity and boosting efficiency while reducing costs

Bounce Rate Reduction

Maintaining customer loyalty by satisfying your first-time customers by providing them a convincing and delightful experience

High Conversion Rates

Increasing conversions directly through ensured designs, increased traffic, and positive interactions with customers

Localization Testing

Our quality assurance team evaluate every aspect of localization for adept usage of the web, mobile, and software products. We enable you to connect your business to the targeted region by ensuring that your application meet the UI, language, currency, date, time, documentation, and other requirements as per the targeted region.

Global Advantage

Creating a global customer experience by following customization options for your application and increasing its acceptability and adaption ratio

Customer Rapport

Making your business more approachable by gaining competitive advantage at global level and earning customer trust while increasing their footfall

Testing services for enterprise applications

Defect prevention and defect correction services for successful implementations.

Web Testing

We follow the software testing best practices for your websites, web applications, mobile application and ensure its functionality, security, performance, compatibility, usability, and interface is bug free.

Effective Communication

Verifying the functionality with business logic to deliver desired output at the user’s end

Reliability of Service Oriented Architecture

Enhancing the performance and reliability through varied test measures for user engagement

Use of Testing Tools

Using adept testing tools to ensure 100 percent test coverage for ease of use and better performance

Mobile Apps Testing

We ensure the right behavior of the developed mobile apps across the devices and platforms and earn customer trust by creating an impact on the brand identity.

Performance Consistency

Testing your mobile apps on multiple devices (manual/automated); preventing abrupt application exit, freezing, behavioral inconsistency, or user interfaces with live and low network testing, and assisting you to release apps with confidence

Mobile DevOps Integration

Achieving continuous testing and accelerating the market release time and helping you stay competent

Mobile App Globalization

Enabling your app to reach global success through linguistic and localization testing for accuracy in translation, cultural compliance, and content sensitivity

Improve User Engagement

Ensuring receptivity, interactivity, quality optimization, to serve the mobile app user needs through usability testing

Cloud Solution Testing

We enable organization to be cloud ready by employing right testing strategies to ensure performance and security while migrating to cloud or deploying cloud, monitoring of cloud resource usage, reducing the time to market, meeting the dynamic business requirements, assuring performance and functionalities.

Risk Assessment and its Mitigation

Assessing risk and mitigating them through strategic and appropriate testing

Cloud Migration Testing

Validating cloud ready applications for security, performance, integration, and environment compatibility

Performance Testing

Measuring the system throughput, latency as per simultaneous users and different load profiles, other performance metrics, and making the cloud environment set up cost-effective

Security and Compliance Testing

Monitoring data integrity, user privacy, connectivity security, and protecting as per industry standards

Multi-tenancy Testing

Ensuring data security in multiple tenant system, and assuring null influence of other tenants on performance, functionality, and availability

Blockchain Application Testing

We, at Oodles validate your blockchain applications for security, performance, and scalability by developing and implementing the best test strategies.

Blockchain Specificity

Syncing your business objectives with blockchain specifics such as size, load, security, cryptographical data for successful adoption

High-end Quality

Ensuring high-end quality and consistency for blockchain applications through unit, integration, API, and UI testing

Performance and Scalability

Overcoming failover by considering network latency based on block, network or transaction size, leveraging cloud for auto-scaling during chaotic situations, and automated performance testing to assess the scalability of blockchain ecosystem

ERP Software Testing

We assist you to prevent ERP program crashing, decrease bugs, save system downtime, ensure proper functioning, and configuration of each ERP module for its smooth implementation. We help you achieve ERP objectives by verifying and validating the intended functionalities.

Manage Business Operations

Ensuring the static, dynamic, and customized functionalities meet multiple users’ expectation

Testing Industry Domains

Defining ERP solutions for specific industries including healthcare, finance, E-commerce, workforce, media production, etc., as per regulatory standards and technology advancement and making industries competent in their sector

Hybrid ERP Solution Testing

Assisting you to manage flawlessly a range of elements such as core ERP, frontline SaaS applications, PaaS, non-production ERP hosting, in-memory computing, and security

AI Application Testing

Our experienced team members implement right testing methodology for AI, identify the weakness of the system through right assumptions, create an effective strategy, save time, and ensure reliability and accuracy.

Application Robustness

Ensuring that AI applications are bug free and preventing from breakdown through random testing

AI System Accuracy Testing

Evaluating efficacy and accuracy of the AI system by implementing train and test methodology on implemented machine learning algorithm

Social and Business Impact

Anticipating the data bias, social, business, and ethical impact of AI and ensuring it meets the acceptance criteria

IoT Application Testing

We implement multiple testing approaches to ensure the reliability of the application as it interacts or communicates with the hardware over a defined network. Our IoT testing experts assure that your IoT devices fit in for usability, availability, security, connectivity, regulations, and upgrade.

Ensure Validation

Validating the IoT device for improved performance, quality, and accelerating market release time while reducing defects

Reduced Costs

Reducing overall costs of testing by implementing regression testing, test automation, and assuring conformance with standards

User-interaction Layer

Assuring seamless experience for the user by testing network capability, device-level tests, and back-end IoT environment


Ensuring interoperability and security through identification, authentication, data protection, encryption, and storage at remote or in-premise cloud environment

Our quality assurance tech stack

Gain end-to-end assurance solutions and reduce business risk with our technology.

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