Gain benefits for your business online/offline by offering new and immersive experiences to customers with or AR and VR application development services.

We are an

AR VR App development company

that leverage the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to create custom-made applications for businesses. With our

AR VR app development services

, we elevate marketing opportunities by providing immersive experiences or a three-dimensional walk-through of your products/services that facilitate users’ to make a fair purchase decision. Ready to reinvent the way you engage with your customers? Board your AR/VR/MR journey with Oodles to #bethenext.

Drive ‘immersive’ revolution in customer engagement

Boost your business through sensory representation of your products/services.

Employee training
Brand awareness
Immersive experience
Real-life simulation
Self-guided exploration
Promotional campaings
Demonstrate product
Build customer trust

Craft distinguished experience for your customers

Deliver new, unique experiences to engage more users with your products/services.

Augmented Reality Application Development


AR application development solutions

for iOS and Android platforms enable you to adopt innovative ways to grow and increase customer traction. With AR technologies, such as detection of marker (QR code), geo filtering, interactive images, we help you build and deliver engaging product demos and trainings, let customers try products before they buy (specifically in retail), and create personalized content for your brand.

Image Recognition based AR Apps

Enabling visual search for an intuitive product engagement and visual navigation

AR Gaming Apps-2D and 3D

Expanding the play field, add interesting characters that blends within users’ environment to keep games interesting

Business AR Apps

Educating users about the product, connecting customers creatively, and supporting remote workers for an effective business collaboration

  • AR apps for Commerce
  • Implementing marker-based and sensors-based AR to make shopping experience real and memorable

Location-based AR apps

Offering enhanced visual engagement such as translating signs on the streets, giving info about tourist locations, marking important spots, showing driving directions by combining AR with GPS, location sensors, and geospatial techniques

Virtual Reality Application Development

With our

VR application development services

we bring life to your business, your products and services. We create a new dimension of experiences that powers up your advertising strategies, 3D product(s) modeling, enrich in-store experience, win a competitive edge over online businesses, and deliver immersive experiences for the customers with high level graphics and multi-user access.

Virtual Product Environment

Achieving competitive advantage and an appreciable market share by positively influencing customers perceptions and learnings about your products

Presentation and Sales Tools

Adding auditory and visual flair to company presentations for sales pitch, involve VCs, or other administration processes

VR Trade Show

Showcasing products at trade shows, conferences, or the exhibitions with limited exhibiting space and investments yet engaging the attendees successfully

User Interactive Apps

Creating custom VR apps for business and communication solutions by immersing users in 360-degree visuals

VR Apps for E-commerce

Resolving product issues,preventing cart abandonment, and reducing product return cases by bringing total awareness for the customer before purchase

Mixed Reality Application Development

We help you stay ahead of the competition by facilitating 3D interaction with holographic products. Our

MR application development solutions

offer a virtual platform in the real world from concept design to testing, reality-altering experiences, gaze/gesture recognition, manage voice, increase operational or strategic skills and innovate processes.

Holographic Wearables

Modernizing service operations and keeping heads-up to develop holography for wearable devices that helps you make demos more engaging and interactive, transform training processes, cutting down on the paperwork, and add the element of visualization to the planning processes

Engineering and Construction

Extracting layers of business information with improved collaboration and hasslefree remote communication through gesture or voice commands

Inter Team Communication

Communicating with geographically isolated teams through simulated video meetings for product reviewing and suggested improvements

Marketing Service

Designing go-to-market plans for commercial customers and increasing business opportunities

Customer Service

Setting new standards and repivoting business models to earn customer trust and brand identity based on their interests

AR and VR solutions to accelerate customer traction

Reality technologies use-cases to rethink your business processes and customer journey.

Business and Enterprise Solutions

With AR and VR deeply integrated into your business functions, develop interactive business strategies, enhance operations, conduct virtual trainings, meet customers, and, improve work efficiency at multiple levels. Let your people connect, collaborate, and do more meaningful work with engaging and collaborative sessions driven by reality technologies.

Virtual Conferencing Rooms

Customizing interactive virtual environments for wireless screen shares, content sharing, and audio conferencing

Interactive Kiosks

Providing customers the self-service comfort through digital signages, scanning, brand storytelling, maps, biometrics, and more

Virtual Fitting Rooms for E-commerce

Delivering live product demos, catalogs, or view features for product fit visualization

Gaming Apps

We, being the leading

AR and VR app development company

create custom AR and VR powered gaming apps that deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience. Our custom gaming apps run smoothly on Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Cardboard, or the HTC vive headsets.

Tabletop Simulator

Facilitating geographically separated gaming groups to come together and run the game

Interactive Gaming

Leveraging Google Maps to give the players a real-world physical location and interact with virtual targets

Marketing and Promotional Tools

We add value to your sales and promotional strategies with new-age brand storytelling techniques powered by reality technologies that deliver fluid experience in real-time through dynamic avatars as per user preferences, and thus creating brand affinity.

Interactive Walkthroughs

Guiding the users to all touchpoints on your website or the app features to understand the features

Live Product Demos

Duplicating traditional in-store experiences online with the customers for product clarity and enhanced inbound sales

Social Media Experience

Providing immersive dimension to product features and functionalities, and communicate brand’s mission

Real Estate Business

Creating a 360 degree immersive experience for the potential tenants/buyers for interior decorations, furnishings, and virtual tour of the space

Medical Use Cases

Visualizing data for body mapping, interactive patient information for improved medical care, and provide simulative surgical procedures for trainee doctors

Travel and Tourism

Helping your travellers with VR guided tours of tourist locations; enable 360 degree view of a place, experience navigation on locations of interest, let them gain a better idea of a place they are about to visit, and more

Visualization Solutions

We, the

AR and VR solution providers

facilitate businesses to perform multi-dimensional analysis of problems to arrive at a solution faster as AR/VR create a high sensory impact on learning and understanding. The analysts can handle big data efficiently through an immersive way of data representation.

Visual Storytelling

Condensing the enormous data into informative graphics and digestible images, charts, or the graphs

Immersive Presentation

Presenting the simplified data into 3D images for better business insights

Data Analysis

Getting through the cluttered business data and interpret wisely for best business outcomes

Training and Control of Operations

Training employees to filter, analyze, and interpret marketing and business messages and increase efficiency

Social Experiences

We help brands and marketers to catch users on social media, match AR/VR strategies to promote products or services in an exciting and engaging ways, tell brand stories, create brand awareness and affinity through social experiences.

Virtual Stores

Supporting customers to step into the virtual stores, try products and purchase them impulsively

Live Events

Engaging the customers from the comfort of their home for brand events


Creating interactive product and services videos for audience engagement, and show them how user experience would be like

Blockchain Applications

We leverage disruptive technologies to improve key business processes. As counterfeiting is less possible with blockchain, we help you ensure customers buy exactly what they selected through the AR/VR interface and securely purchase with smart contract.

Monetization Models

Supporting small businesses and freelancers to manage production and revenue

Spontaneous Decision-making

Delivering seamless checkout for eCommerce customers as they can decide instantly on AR-based products they wish to buy, secure online transaction, and keep financial data safe

Virtual Analogues

Introducing communities for immersive quality of VR in gaming and cryptocurrency in-game purchases

Our AR and VR tech stack

New-age AR and VR technologies for successful application development and modernization.

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