AngularJS Web Application Developers

AngularJS is an open-source web application development framework preferred to develop scalable and secure web apps. It is an easy learning platform and is suitable for developing Front-end AngularJS mobile apps and single page applications. The apps thus developed are scalable and caters to the varied and complex business needs.

AngularJS is preferred and widely used today for developing single page apps at a faster rate. Moreover, AngularJS web application development delivers clean codes that could be reused for data-driven applications making the developers job easy.

At Oodles Technologies, an AngularJS web development company, our expert AngularJS web application developers develop cutting-edge web and mobile applications for start-ups and established organizations as well. Oodles follow regulatory policy and standards throughout the process of its AngularJS development service and offer an end-to-end app solution that enhances your business value.

Technical Expertise
  • JavaScript frameworks Grunt, Gulp, and, etc.
  • Skilled in jQuery and BootStrap
  • Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML [AJAX] framework
  • Expertise in front-end and back-end technology
  • Expertise in MEAN stack and NodeJS
Discover Oodles Service Offerings on AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Web App Development
  • AngularJS App Design & Development
  • AngularJS Native and Cross Platform App
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • AngularJS QA and Testing
  • AngularJS Support and Maintenance
Features and Advantages of AngularJS Web Application Development
  • Development architecture is simple
  • Component reusability is effective
  • Two-way data binding support
  • Easy flow of data due to MVC architecture
  • Simple and organized user-interface with HTML
  • Templating and modularization is effective
  • RESTful API and AJAX handling is easy
Why Choose Oodles Technologies for hiring AngularJS Web Application Developers?

Oodles Technologies is a leading offshore software development company with a team of proficient AngularJS Web Application Developers. We follow

  • Simple, transparent, and, agile process
  • Experience in serving regional and global clients
  • Deliver user-friendly web app solutions
  • Deliver competent services at the best market price
  • Futuristic web app development with extension capability
  • Offer technical assistance throughout the lifecycle

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