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ensure smooth UX design across the wearable devices, right architecture for M2M communications, data visualization from a wearable sensor system, high performance with low power, aggressive marketing, and enable data acquisition from anywhere anytime for critical business decisions. Ready to be interactive and innovative? #bethenext.

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IoT-based wearable apps
Client satisfaction
Medical & fitness
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AR/VR experience
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Step into the future with wearable apps

Meet advanced operational and customer demands with innovative wearable applications.

Apple Watch App Development

We explore iOS technologies and binary action concept to build interactive and innovative Apple watch apps that contributes to your business enhancement. With powerful features such as glance and custom interface, we enable users to receive and respond to notifications in a convenient way.

Apple Watch Custom App Development
Apple Watch Utility Apps Development
Apple Watch E-commerce Apps
Apple Watch Web-based Apps
Health and Fitness Apps

Android Wear App Development

We develop intuitive Android apps for wearable devices that enable you to connect with your customers easily. We enhance users’ experience with your app with curated features, easier information sharing, custom displays, smooth functionality, and ensure that your business reach the competitive edge.

Android Wear App Development for IoT Devices
Android Smart Watch App Development
Android Wear Utility Apps Development
Migrating Existing Apps to Wearables

Bringing deeper user engagement with wearables

Leverage wearable technology for enhanced customer experience and business benefits.

IoT-based Wearable App Development

We deliver technological solutions to simplify business operations, build collaboration between devices and employees, bring instant interoperability, and gain business opportunities through wearable apps for IOT devices.

People-Generated Data

Sending prompt alert notifications on the users’ wearable devices and help them understand their habits, health-related issues and care through insights from the raw data generated from activity trackers, smart watches, or the medical technology equipments

Tech Sends and Receives Communication

Sharing data between the devices (gateway device, smart home, smart vehicle, cloud services, etc.,) for process, analysis, autonomous interoperability in the IoT ecosystem and notify the users through text messages or the app alerts

Digital Payments

Making online or in-person payment transactions without the use of wallets with a few taps on the user’s wearable device

AR and VR Wearables App Development

We deliver value to your commercial business through captivating user experience with AR and VR apps for wearable devices. We offer business opportunities to present product, services, or the data in a creative and immersive environment.

Google Glass App Development

Offering optimal and augmented reality experiences through audio, video, and inputs based on location for the end users


Delivering custom solutions for the Oculus VR platform with simulation solutions and immersive visualization to create brand experience for the users

Holographic Wearables

Developing holography for wearable devices to make demos more interactive, transform training processes, cutting down on the paperwork, and add the element of visualization to the planning processes

Wearable App for Health and Fitness

Our wearable app for health and fitness deliver the best personalized experience with multi-device synchronization for the users. We enable users to share data with trainers, connect third party devices, have personal trainer on demand, and more.

Activity Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring physiological parameters of the user, detect unforeseen situations and promote overall well-being of the individual using devices like Fitbit, Apple watch etc.

Health Monitoring

Adding value to healthcare through diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, preventive measures, and save healthcare costs

Utility App for Wearables

Explore wearable technologies for workforce management, improve operational efficiencies, reduce complexity and commercial purposes.

Payment App

Offering a secure, reliable, contactless, seamless, and cashless payment facility

Messaging App

Letting you connect always through messages, audio, or the video instantly

Event and Notification App

Facilitating complementary news/updates applications to publish events, send emails, reminders, and custom notifications, depending on platform events

Music App

Access millions of songs from the library on the go

Our wearables tech stack

Build customer-centric, reliable, and futuristic solutions for your wearables.

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