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Are you searching for a platform that can provide reliable, real-time and scalable web applications? Try, NodeJS framework, a leading web, and mobile application platform that offers non-blocking, event-driven, lightweight I/O model that is built on Google’s V8 engine. Oodles technologies is one of the best Node.JS Web Development companies based in India, offering progressive web and app development services.

NodeJS is an open-source Web Development framework that provides a JavaScript run-time environment for building dynamic websites and web applications. It’s a part of MEAN Stack and is widely used in backend development operations. MEAN Stack allows developers to run scripts in order to make dynamic page content. This allows web application development to unify around a single programming language, rather than relying on a different language for writing server-side scripts.

The framework is also useful for the server-side execution of JavaScript code. NodeJS is a free tool and renders active support for all major platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.

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Why NodeJS For Web Development?
  • Faster data streaming
  • Offers scalability
  • Low-level APIs.
  • Designs Real-Time Applications for mobile and web
  • Boosts performance when clubbed with Google V8 engine
  • Offers Cost-Effective hosting and Inexpensive Testing
  • Has an asynchronous and event-driven architecture
  • Single threaded highly scalable model
  • Prevents from data buffering
  • Cross and open source platform environment
  • Numerous extensions and packages
Popular NodeJS Development Services We Offer
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • NodeJS CMS Development
  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • NodeJS Plugins Development
  • Offers Cost-Effective hosting and Inexpensive Testing
  • NodeJS Based Server-side Development
  • Portal Development
  • NodeJS API Development & Integration
  • NodeJS For UI/UX Design
  • NodeJS Maintenance & Support
Why Choose Us As Your NodeJS Web Development Company?

Oodles is a pioneer in offering world-class business software development services. We are a prominent name in NodeJS Web Application Development with years of experience in the said niche. We have been providing best-in-class NodeJS Development services to our clients and offer post-launch support & assistance for an improved approach.

With a team of 250+ professionals, we are industry experts in building high-quality web applications using NodeJS framework. Our dedicated team of software developers design quality web applications and software that can meet the project requirements of businesses from different verticals.

At Oodles, we also support our clients in increasing their presence on different social media platforms. Our dedicated software developers have specialization in innovative SaaS, Mobile and web development projects. With our quality services, we also offer complete protection of the client’s IP. Our team of experts is aimed at delivering end-to-end software development services at competitive prices.

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