We are a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and proven track record in our area of expertise.

Maneesh Madan

Chief Executive Officer

Maneesh is an adept technology leader with a vision and passion to apply pioneering technologies in various business domains. Maneesh is also a keen Yoga enthusiast.

Sonia Madan

Director- Operations

Sonia manages Marketing ,PR and General operations in Oodles. Sonia spends her free time playing squash and tennis.

Roomani Bajaj

Vice President- Technology

Roomani is an avid technology enthusiast with more than ten years of industry experience. She specializes in Web applications architecture and Groovy and Grails development. Roomani loves travelling across the world .

Arvind Das

Product Manager

Technical Product Manager experienced in developing Real Time Planning Solutions, Video CMS with experience in Product Management and technical expertise in Reactive applications , Micro-services . Spending most of his time in planning , new solutions.

Anuj Khurana

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Anuj is a bright Sr. Project Manager with experience in developing mobile and web applications using technologies like Titanium , PhoneGap , Spring and Java.

Abhimanyu Singh


Abhimanyu is an seasoned technologist . He always keeps himself ahead in embracing and adapting new technologies/frameworks to solve business problems. He specialise in Blockchain technology , Video Content Management & enterprise software .

Pawanpreet Singh

Assistant- Project Manager

Pawanpreet Singh is a mobile app lead developer with experience in Native iOS , Titanium and PhoneGap apps development . Pawanpreet loves playing games on his Nintendo Switch and going out with friends.

Sumit Rathi

Technical Project Manager

Sumit is a skilled project manager with excellent experience in Java , Grails and Flex frameworks. Sumit likes Wrestling and listening to music.

Ajit Jati

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Ajit is a technical project manager with experience in Titanium , Phonegap , Native Android , Netgem TV and PHP frameworks. Cricket is his passion and he always like to be in touch with new technologies.

Mohit Virmani

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Mohit is a bright Sr. Technical project manager with deep technical expertise in Java , Spring , Grails etc.

Shiv Kumar

Technical Architect

Shiv is a Technical Architect. He is a bright Java developer and has worked on development of various SaaS applications using Grails, Spring and Hibernate framework.

Kundan Ray Akela

Technical Architect

Kundan has good programming and problem-solving skills.He is very good in explaining the ideas clearly and make the proper system design as well as plan.His hobbies are to play cricket and travel.

Reena Chungade

Technical Project Manager

Reena is a key member of the development team. She supervises the team in developing and implementing quality-assurance and quality-control methodologies to ensure compliance with regular standards, federal regulations, and customer specifications.

Chandan Lunthi

Technical Project Manager

Chandan is the self-motivated leader, manager and has expertise in various technologies. Chandan likes to sign and a stylish MMA performer.

Rijul Jain

Vice President- Technology

Rijul has more than 7 years of experience in software development, filling positions of both technical and managerial leadership. He loves to travel and indulge in gaming in his free time.

Ankit Sharma

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Ankit is a Technical Project Manager with expertise in Java, Spring Framework, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Team Management. In his free time, he likes to read books and listen to music.

Ravi Verma

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Ravi is a seasoned technologist with excellent experience in AngularJS , NodeJS and MEAN stack. He has good experience in developing complex UIs for web and mobile applications.

Gaurav Jain

Sr. Manager- Marketing

Gaurav is a Sr. Manager-Marketing professional working on different verticals of Internet Marketing comprising SEO, SEM, SMO etc. He likes to interact with people and spends his free time playing badminton, roaming with friends and listening music.

Sagar Watts

Assistant- Project Manager

Sagar is a bright Web App Lead Developer , he has great knowledge of core Java and advance Java. His hobbies are Net Surfing, Listen Music and Reading Books.

Akash Mall

Technical Project Manager

Akash is a Self-motivated, goal driven and a dedicated team player equipped with problem-solving and analytical skills. Strong communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills with proficiency in grasping new technical concepts quickly.

Rudhishthir Prakash

Assistant- Project Manager

Rudhishthir is a technical enthusiast having experience in C#.NET, NodeJS & various front-end technologies. He has great experience in building quality applications with innovative ideas. He also has proven expertise in handling clients.

Manish Kumar Narang

Assistant- Project Manager

Manish Narang has skills in software development. He is enthusiastic about web applications and loves to work in a team.

Mohd Adnan

Technical Project Manager

Adnan is a passionate enthusiastic learner, always searching for ways to expand knowledge. Proficient in Java & AWS Cloud Computing Services. As a coder, loves the logic and structure of coding, and always strive to write elegant and efficient code.

Neeraj Kumar Jha

Technical Project Manager

Neeraj is a Technical Project Manager with experience in various technologies and domain. His area of expertise is, developing and designing distributed system using open stack and MS technologies. In his free time he likes to explore unexplored territor

Raj Wadhwa

Sr. Project Manager- Technology

Raj is a Sr. Project Manager with experience of almost 7 Years. He is an avid Reader, Programmer, Loves playing Football, and a Foodie.

Sunita Rawat

Assistant Manager-HR

Sunita is a budding HR professional with a MBA in HR specialisation. Energetic and diligent professional, aimed to excel in corporate HR.

Manoj Kumar Chaurasia

Sr. UX Architect

Manoj is an experienced Sr. UX Architect. He specialise in making complex, meaningful presentation of information and organisation structure on the applications from the users perspective.

Manisha Laur

Assistant Manager-HR

Manisha is an enthusiastic Team Lead and handes HR- Talent Acquisition at Oodles. She believes in creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture.

Himanshu Bhardwaj

Infra Manager

Himanshu is a Post Graduate in MCA and working as an Infra Manager. He is an Microsoft Certified and his hobbies is cycling, Playing Cricket, listening music.

Shobi khan

Technical Project Manager

Tech PM, 10+ Year exp in IT Industries. He is having deep knowledge in Blockchain Telecom, IVR, VAS, Payment and wallets services with technical expertise in Web App, Mobile App, Java, SpringB. Freetime utilization in traveling abroad and new technologies

Ritu Choudhary

Sr. HR Manager

Senior Manager Human Resources with seven years of experience in Business HR & Talent Acquisition. She also specialise in managing compensation & benefits, compliance, Training & Development.

Bhavna Kataria

Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager with 7 years of experience in IT industry. Worked with clients ranging from industries like e-commerce, travel, hospitality & gaming. Practicing agile throughout the project life cycle. Certified Professional scrum master.

Sundeep Dawale

Content Strategist

He is marketer who has progressed from traditional marketing to digital with content writing and marketing as my core skills set. He is Mathematics graduate with two post graduate degrees from the UK - MBA (Marketing) and M. Sc. (Retail Management).

Mohit Chaudhary

Technical Project Manager

6.4 Years experience in Android application development, team and project management.

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