“The genesis of the Metaverse has opened new dimensions to interconnected digital worlds. ”
“We enable businesses to traverse the Metaverse and uncover the versatility of immersive digital environments”

Building The Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual realization of an alternate realm and catalyzed by a combination of technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Support the digital ‘big bang’ of cyberspace and create a digitally interconnected world with our Metaverse services.

At Oodles Technologies, we empower businesses to imagine, innovate, build, and deliver immersive user experiences at an enterprise scale. We focus on opening new portals to digital spaces and constructing a hyper-real alternative world that you can coexist in.

Economies of Metaverse

The Metaverse is a digital 3D universe, converging the possibilities of physical and extended realities. Focussed on shaping new modes of social connections, it provides businesses with endless opportunities to digitally construct and monetize real-world assets and services.

Backed by new-age technologies and Web3.0 innovations, Metaverse integrates interoperable digital economies including Digital Twins, NFTs, 5G, videos, virtual streaming, and more. To facilitate identity, social & community experiences, metaverse fosters a fair and open economy that acts as pillars of expansive networking medium.

Core Technologies That Power The Metaverse


Blockchain offers a transparent, permissionless, and decentralized solution for digital collectibility, interoperability, governance, accessibility, digital proof of ownership, and transfer of value. Backed by blockchain, future metaverses will unify discrete virtual worlds, with NFTs propelling cross-chain activities. Non-Fungible Tokens will disrupt the conventional network paradigm of socialization, transaction, and user interaction in the metaverse.

Extended Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the entry points to the metaverse. AR implements digital visual characters and elements to morph the real world and can be used on any digital device with a camera. VR, on the other hand, produces a computer-generated digital world accessed through VR headsets, sensors, and gloves. Together, XR enables us to create real-time content responsive to user interaction and offers digital simulation experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Within the metaverse, AI can be implemented to the non-player characters (NPCs). AI NPCs can be positioned across 3D spaces to perform activities, foster lifelike conversations with users, and work with different languages. AI engines are used to analyze 3D scans or 2D images to create metaverse avatars that are hyper-realistic. To build immersive metaverses, AI algorithms combined with ML capabilities can be used to deliver unique outputs and insights.

3D Reconstruction

With 3D reconstruction, we can create realistic and natural-looking digital environments within the metaverse. 3D cameras will take the world online by rendering photorealistic and accurate 3D models of buildings, objects, and physical locations. To offer immersive user experience, 4K HD photography and 3D spatial data can be used to generate a virtual replica in the metaverse. These virtual models and replicas of physical world objects are the Digital Twins, the core of metaverse.

Internet of Things

To amplify the accuracy of digital representations, IoT applications collect and provide data in the metaverse. Integrating IoT can coherently connect the 3D virtual world to an array of real-life devices. This facilitates the creation of real-time simulations within the metaverse. To optimize the metaverse environments further, IoT applications also utilize the capabilities of AI and machine learning to handle the data it collects and processes on a large scale.

Edge computing

Edge computing, another crucial building block of the metaverse, will transform the expectations and possibilities of VR, cloud computing, efficiency, security, storage, and social networking. It will play a pivotal role in the creation of metaverse by enabling businesses to reduce latency in virtual realms. This technology will fuel next-gen devices and futuristic virtual experiences, supporting millions of users in the same shared 3D landscape.


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