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AI app development services

, and technologies to make your applications smarter, understand your customers better and be more customer-centric. The advanced analytics and algorithms powered by AI utilize the generated data through IoT, mobile apps, and/or the websites and enable you to make informed decisions for enhancing customer experience. We, an

AI Application development company

, build result oriented AI solutions to boost business operations. Ready to infuse the future of technology? #bethenext.

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Machine Learning technologies to enable robust automation

Leverage AI to deliver delightful customer experience and increase sales.

Data mining
Initiutive experience
Enhanced customer service
Efficient time utilization
Automate repetitve task
Reduce manual error
Data harvest
Anomaly detection
Real-time engagement
Faster-decision making
Process automation
Increased efficiency

Our Core AI Services

Diverse AI capabilities to help you explore new business opportunities.

Recommendation Engine

We help you sell more online through data-powered user engagement. Our high-octane recommendation engines features enable you to capture the customer behavior and explore their preferences. This helps with recommending relevant products, improve their experience with your brand, increase footfall, and thereby bring high ROI.

Collaborative Filtering

Collecting and analyzing information on the basis of user behavior, preferences, and recommending products

Content-based Filtering

Recommending products based on users preferences by building an effective user-profile

Hybrid Recommendation System

Unifying the collaborative and content-based approach for accurate product recommendation


We leverage our years of business experience and Machine Learning capabilities to create intelligent chatbots for your business. Our

chatbot development services

bring the tangible change a business needs by helping you reach more customers and serve them better.

Streamlined Sales Channel

Leading customers to every part of the sales funnel via instant messaging and initiating sales process

Better Customer Query Handling

Providing information to leads by answering questions and sending content at their convenient time

Reach More Customers in Lesser Time

Responding to queries of multiple clients simultaneously and escalating queries to next representatives

Direct Purchase Decision for Customers

Helping customers buy directly and renew contract/subscriptions in a hassle free manner

Computer Visions

We, the

artificial intelligence solution providers

let you spruce up your application with the revolutionary aspects of Computer Vision. We make use of the smart OpenCV algorithms and an across-the-board AI toolkit to provide an extraordinary user experience for the end-users.

Image Processing

Performing a range of processing workflows for detecting objects and identifying or tracking fraudulent activities, or other criminal cases

Deep Learning

Using convolutional neural networks to identify the products and present it to the customers on search

Image Recognition

Recognizing and categorizing the objects or images and amplifying E-commerce experiences for the customers

Natural Language Processing Applications

Implement Natural Language Processing technology in your organization to derive understanding from unstructured data generated from customer conversation through social media, online and call logs.

Automatic Summarization

Providing an abstract of products, services other relevant information and maximizing content diversity as per the customer needs

Sentiment Analysis

Making data-driven insights through emotion and intent analysis of the customers to enhance service

Make your Chatbots Smarter

Creating seamless and interactive interface between customers and chatbot backed by powerful machine learning mechanisms

Text Classification

Categorizing texts to filter spam emails, translating text document to different languages, generating captions, and more

Predictive Analysis


predictive analytics applications and services

help you use tools and techniques to reach the customers faster. Gain the competitive edge by forecasting demand estimates, determining market size, forecasting new product growth, projecting and predicting stock prices, adopting pricing strategies, optimizing marketing campaigns, reducing risks, and preventing customer loss.

Fraud Detection

Mapping the data points of users while interacting with your product, getting their location information, and devices information to discover potential fraudulent behavior and prevent them proactively

Marketing-campaigns Optimization

Facilitating business analysts with right customer, channel, and timing to propose and implement a profitable marketing campaign as against assumptions-based traditional campaigns

Operations Enhancement

Identifying enhancements by meeting operational challenges and nuances including data, process, and workflow for positive and measurable returns

Risk Mitigation

Scanning thousands of datasets, mapping the changes, identifying the cause of a problem, and reducing risks

Resource Planning Solutions

Use our

AI-based planning solutions

to streamline the workflow of your business. Being the pioneers in building the most fitting time and attendance modules, we help you maintain an efficient workflow. With our highly competent Labour Management Systems, manage the day-to-day activities of your workforce.


Planning time and tasks adequately for your resources (employees, assets, time, and money) to improve business efficiency, service delivery, and reduce operational costs

Integrate AI across your workstreams

Powerful AI attributes your business needs to win an edge over competitors.

Forensic and Legal

We assist you to implement the power of computer vision to detect fraud or the suspects of a crime through biometric analysis or object analysis. Further, we assist you to secure web lockers containing wills and any other legal data for identity management through encryption and developing an intelligent financial application.

Biometric Scan

Integrating biometric scan with AI helps you to counterfeit physical and cyber threat


Ensuring error-free environment by delivering end-to-end security solutions for your organization

Fraud Detection

Predicting fraudulent activities through behavior patterns, device association, identity proofing, and defining attribute risks


With the help of Artificial Intelligence and OpenCV, enhance your AR/VR application experience for your user. We, the

Artificial Intelligence app development company

for your intelligent business solutions increase engagement with the user-internal or the customer by coupling AI with AR/VR for multidimensional interactions.

Virtual Shopping

Making your store engagement powerful by helping customers navigate the shop based on customer gaze and behavior monitoring

Virtual Decoration

Visualizing your room with AI infused virtual decorative ideas to make a transparent choice when purchasing online

Virtual Experiences

Pairing of AI with VR to create an extended reality experiences for the users or address the risk challenges

Intelligent Blockchain

We bring the synergy of AI and blockchain to deliver bug-free smart contracts, reduce investment cost on human security audit, optimize sustainability, scalability, enhance hash function, and increase efficiency as the data keeper.

Data Control

Enhancing blockchain’s system resilience factor by exploiting the computational intelligence advantages

Data Security

Ensuring user's privacy through implementation of varied intelligent search algorithms to search bits of secret key

In-built Recommendation System

Implementing AI at the core of your application/product for effective product recommendations

In-built Decision Making

Implementing AI for transaction monitoring and fraud detection in confluence with blockchain’s ability to record the decision-making process


We help you gain AI service benefit in the health care unit to manage medical records and data, automate repetitive tasks, custom treatment design based on previous medical history, provide digital consultation, expedite the process of choosing right insurance policies, predict health based on symptoms, monitor healthcare through analysis, and motivate for ease of living.

Early Detection of Illness

Applying cognitive technologies for accurate data interpretation, predict and diagnose illness at the earliest, facilitating precautions and adequate measures to prevent the disease

Predicting Cure & Precision Medicine

Detecting the possibilities of disease based on genomics data analysis, predict medicine and cure beforehand

Disease Analysis

Facilitate medication at treatable stages by data analysis through customer wearables or medical devices coupled with AI

AI-assisted Care

Using machine learning for patients, constantly monitoring their conditions, following up with their treatments, or delivering basic health information through virtual nurses in between the doctors visits


We help e-commerce businesses use varied forms of AI to understand their customers and their shopping behaviors, and generate leads by providing an enhanced customer experience. We assist you with virtual trial technology, identify potential customers, target and retarget the customers, improve recommendations, and sales processes through advanced level of personalization by implementing AI technology at different levels.

Increase Sales by Better Recommendation

Bringing hyper-personalized recommendations for the customers through purchase history, social media, product searches, and instigate sales

Better Product Analysis

Handling the inventory, cataloging the products, maintaining effective product content management with AI to inspire value added personal service for the buyers

Enhanced Customer Support

Helping customers with E-commerce chatbots to recommend the right product, checking availability of products, answering queries, comparing products, and payment


We help businesses from the education sector to implement AI integrated e-learning systems to attract enthusiastic learners. We provide predictive and recommendation engines for your educational domain and assist you to inspire the learners through personalized learning with instant targeted and corrective feedback.

Interactive Learning

Making remote learning feasible by enhancing the learners experience through an intelligent and interactive e-learning platform

Intelligent Tutoring Support

Delivering immediate and custom learning solutions, or moderate content based on feedback for the learners mimicking a human tutor

Course Recommendation

Supporting interest and enthusiasm in learning by recommending the learning paths for the chosen discipline

Media and Entertainment

Implementing AI for media and entertainment to increase search and content consumption experience and reach wider sets of audiences. Our services enable you to envelop the whole media value chain that includes content creators, editors, or the consumers by helping them find the content of their interest.

Personalization of User Experience

Using machine learning to recommend personalized content based on previous user activity and behavior

Search Optimization

Using AI software to improve the speed and efficiency of the media production process and the ability to organize visual assets

Marketing and Advertising

Making marketing and advertising strategy customer-focused through conversational insights and thus improving customer experience while increasing reach

Tour and Travels

We help your travel industry keep up the pace with the changing consumer behavior, deliver overall tourism value chain starting from destination selection to come back home such as routes, costs, weather, itinerary, food, accommodation, booking, and more. We assist you reach the new market segments by equipping you with AI implemented systems.

Weather Prediction

Comparing predictions with outcomes, AI delivers accurate weather forecasting and enables tourists to tour during favorable period

Travel Cost Prediction

Assisting customers predict the costs for a chosen destination, arranging tours as per budget that includes travel, accommodation, sightseeing, local trips, and other miscellaneous expenses

Places Recommendation

Assisting tourist to choose a destination by providing itinerary packages based on users’ search behavior

Our AI tech stack

Experience the marketing evolution by bringing together customer data and business actions.

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