With IoT-led digital transformation services, we help you establish a digitally connected world for your customers that adds value to their work and lives.

We are an

IoT app development company

that connects devices securely to gather data and take intelligent actions to meet operational and management needs. We enable you to use the potential of analytics, IoT, and AI to make your business smart (cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud), efficient, and secure. Power up your business with our

IoT consulting and application development services

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Maximizing the value of connected assets

Build smart connected solutions to create new revenue streams, become more efficient.

Machine to machine communication
Automation & control
Easy monitoring
Cost-effective solutions
Enhanced efficiency
High-quality data
Reduced human efforts
Real-time marketing
Digital analytics
Engaging user experiences

IoT core services to transform your business

Modernize your existing systems, reduce complexities, and deliver great customer experiences.

IoT Consulting and Development Services

We and drive transformation with our robust, scalable, and maintainable IoT solutions. We enable you to nurture and expand business at reduced costs through process automation and gain data insights in real-time with our competent IoT app development solutions.

Improved Quality

Monitoring product and service quality through seamless tracking and updates

Automated Process

Increasing efficiency of the service deliverables for customers in lesser time

Real-time Decision Making

Gaining insights from diverse data sources such as wearables, sensory devices, location beacons and GPS systems, and more, for informed decision-making, earning customers’ trust, and improving sales opportunities

Raspberry Pi Application Development

We deploy Raspberry Pi technology for developing the next generation IoT products. We enable programming as per your business needs, budget, and build cutting edge applications for Internet gateway devices running on Raspberry Pi.

Media Streaming Platform
Edge Computing
Remote Monitoring Services
Robotic Applications

Simplify your complex data

Extract data from your complex connected devices and derive useful insights.

Efficient UI/UX Experience

With our expertise in interactive and visual design, we help you derive comprehensive insights from raw data obtained from multiple devices with specific design on the user interface.

Onboarding simplified

Authenticating seamless gateway across the channels and devices

Cross device design and seamless interaction

Delivering consistent experience for the user across multiple device interactions

Personalization and context

Syncing data and preferences spontaneously across the varied devices as operated by the user

Homogenous environment

Creating futuristic and homogenous interface for consumer-oriented IoT products

IoT Data Management

Our IoT solutions enable you to collect, decode, and store data from dispersed IoT devices. With the right insights, you can research further to improve product quality, development and simplify operations.

Big Data Processing

Leveraging high-speed data inputs from IoT devices through techniques to facilitate informed decision making

Data Visualization

Evaluating business data with easy-to-comprehend reports which reveal the hidden patterns in datasets

Data Analytics and Insights

Seeking insights from the raw data by understanding the bottleneck in operations and services and accordingly make data-backed decisions

Intelligent IoT Solutions


IoT app developers

offer integrated capabilities of AI, big data, and machine learning to increase operational efficiency, avoid unplanned downtime, mitigate risks, and create new revenue streams.

Event Processing

Automating decisions for real-time actions, to facilitate cross-sell campaigns, promote products, and enhance customer experience by filtering and correlating the streaming data

Pattern Detection

Examining and identifying the patterns from the streaming data generated by IoT to increase customer offerings and operational efficiency

Predictive Analysis

Maximizing business uptime, fraud detection, reduce costs, increase production and efficiency proactively

Artificial Intelligence

Making business smarter and intelligent by integrating AI with IoT to derive data insights

IoT Integrations

Our competent tech professionals determine the integration and communication requirements, leverage API-centric approach or the traditional software, and derive better solutions with the operational and user data.

Application Integrations

Achieving interoperability and upgradation with our IoT application development and its integration

Big Data Integrations

Combining data from multiple sources such as machine-generated data, social media, web data, and more, to derive insights needed to boost your business performance

Ease of Integration

Orchestrating the data collected from devices and the backend applications through API-led connectivity

Quick Prototyping

We assist you to test and identify potential challenges to validate the IoT implementation to reduce cost and implementation time.

Long Term Benefits

Validating designs and development at nascent stage to lower the technical challenges

Corrective Measures

Mitigating risks and trimming down the total investment cost at an early stage

Enhancement Benefits

Exploring opportunities for identifying data throughput and validating the business solutions

Scalable to Enhanced Version

Developing the POC solution that is scalable enough to incorporate the complete proposed business solution

IoT Cloud Solutions

Accelerating IoT development on the cloud platform.

We simplify your network stack by offering backend and other services on the popular cloud platforms to monitor multiple device connections. Centralize your IoT ecosystem with robust cloud solutions to reduce overhead costs, address scalability, and secure systems.

Scalable Solution

Centralizing the IoT ecosystem to lower overhead cost, address scalability issues, secure systems against sophisticated cyber attacks, and control devices.

Easy Maintenance

Making business decisions easy with smart analytics from updated information in real-time.

Integrated Cloud Services

Driving predictive maintenance and thus secure applications by integrating IoT and third-party app or pre-built integrations with applications

IoT cloud

Google IoT cloud
managed solutions

IoT solutions

managed solutions

Intelligent Digital Mesh

We deliver cutting-edge business models by building an eco-system where people, things, and AI technologies-the IT triad of the digital mesh architecture are connected. We enable you to bring a paradigm shift in the business culture through digital transformation strategy and its implementation at each business layer.


Incorporating AI at any stage in every application for delivering insightful services

  • Autonomous Things
  • Augmented Analytics
  • AI-driven Development


Blending the physical and digital world for an immersive experience

  • Digital Twin
  • Empowered Edge
  • Immersive Experience


Expanding people sets, devices, services, and content

Our IoT services tech stack

Deliver smooth and consistent user experience across all the devices with our innovative technologies.

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