AngularJS Development Services

Creating custom, robust, and secure web applications
We are a leading AngularJS web development company that caters to your digital requirements by providing scalable, secure, and feature-rich AngularJS web development services. Our AngularJS web developers explore the distinct features of AngularJS to develop custom and sustainable solutions for your business. We use an agile and streamlined delivery methodology to meet your time and budget requirements.

AngularJS Web Development Services

We develop dynamic and easy-to-use AngularJS mobile apps and web applications for start-ups, medium, and large enterprises. We use an agile development methodology to develop intuitive user-interfaces, appealing UI/UX designs, and flexible engagement models. Our featured services include-
Custom AngularJS Website

Our AngularJS customization services fulfill your business and IT needs efficiently. Our AngularJS development services range from developing e-commerce websites, real-time chat apps for social networking, music apps, interactive dashboard, custom widget, and more as per your business needs. The key features are-

  • Improved web experience
  • Reduced page response time
  • Seamless end-user experience
  • Rich functionality
Single Page Application Development

We create data-intensive single page applications (SPAs) that can handle dynamic and humongous data easily. Our SPA development services decrease server load, increase site speed, and deliver efficient application functionality to users leading to higher user retention and business success. The key highlights of our services are-

  • Constant full page reload
  • Enhanced performance
  • Easy navigation
  • Filtered content
AngularJS UI/UX Development

We improve the overall user experience by providing flawless communication with users using AngularJS for front-end development. We enable you to provide maximum customer satisfaction and increase sales and revenue. The key benefits we deliver are -

  • Enhanced site traffic
  • Increased average time on site
  • Provides a more personalized experience
  • Secure and authenticated data
AngularJS Web Application Development

Our AngularJS web application developers enable you to manage heavy web applications with plug and play components, reduced burden on servers using dependency injection, enhanced features, and simplified user interface. Our AngularJS development portfolio includes travel apps, video streaming apps, and e-commerce apps. The main features of AngularJS web apps are-

  • Exceptional filter flexibility
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Improved design architecture
  • Faster development due to code reusability
AngularJS Plugin and Widget Development

We make your AngularJS application extensible with custom plugins/widgets. Our AngularJS plugin and widget development services include performance oriented robust apps, engaging user interface & user experience design. We provide new functionality and features for your existing site. The key highlights of our plugin and widget development with AngularJS are -

  • Handling and displaying dynamic data
  • Stability and reusability
  • Clutter free site
  • Easy to use functionality
AngularJS Enterprise Development

We provide customized enterprise solutions to accelerate internal processes based on AngularJS scripts. The AngularJS enterprise applications developed by us are fast, reliable, easily maintainable, and flexible for smooth business operations with the following features -

  • Support for existing data
  • Optimal security
  • Responsive web applications
  • High performance
AngularJS CMS Solutions

Our AngularJS web developers are skilled at developing CMS solutions for your business. We deliver a plethora of interactive content management system having advanced customized features that are competent for your specific business requirement. We provide authentic solutions for major platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Here are the key highlights of our services -

  • Interactive features
  • Security against cross-site scripting and injection attacks
  • Easy to manage
  • Stellar user experience
AngularJS CRM Solutions

We build custom dynamics CRM data editor by using AngularJS as a part of the CRM solutions. Our AngularJS CRM applications enable you to track leads and opportunities efficiently. Our CRM services enhance your marketing performance, sales, and services. The key benefits of our services are-

  • Decreased development time
  • Enhanced user interface
  • More functionality with less code
  • Smarter and faster sales

Benefits of AngularJS Development Services

Reduced time and cost
Saving time and costs by accelerating development, testing, and application maintenance
Enhancing scalability with MVC structure and code organization of AngularJS
REST friendly
Creating web apps with Restful interface and combination of Restful APIs to accelerate app performance
Browser compatibility and mobile friendly
Developing applications that can run on all major browsers and smartphones including Android and iOS tablets and phones
Creating a unique framework for web applications by reusing codes or code components and HTML components
Translating your internationalized application into languages specified for particular locale to make your application user-friendly
Dynamic application
Creating robust and dynamic web pages and apps using unique structural framework of AngularJS
High performance
Achieving high-performance scores by reducing server burden consistently with error-free codes
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