MEAN Stack Development Services

Modernizing web applications to transcend customer experiences

We are a MEAN stack development company that builds robust, fast, and easy-to-maintain new-age web or mobile apps using MEAN components. Our MEAN stack developers explore JavaScript-based technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js to develop engaging portals and scalable APIs. We provide affordable Mean stack development services and develop apps that have increased stability, fast response time, interactive user interface, no page reloads, seamless and fluid navigation.

MEAN is an acronym for the powerful software suite of JavaScript frameworks

MEAN Stack Development

Streamline your applications with JavaScript-based technologies.

MEAN Consulting and Development Services

MEAN Consulting and Development

We create high performing and lightweight web and mobile applications for businesses in multiple industries. Our MEAN stack team is skilled at delivering benefits like simplified server layer, scalable APIs, speed, user-friendly interface, and efficiency. We develop applications for whom real-time updates are critical

  • Enterprise apps, and web apps using big data
  • Multimedia streaming apps and Real-time communication applications
  • Variety of business apps including healthcare, trading, and others
MongoDB Consulting and Administration

Our MEAN stack developers have experience in developing high performance and robust web applications using MongoDB as data backend. We develop mobile apps and host them on the cloud with MongoDB to enable quick and real-time edits using mobile devices. Our developers are skilled in delivering applications that can handle massive data, availability, performance, and scalability effectively. We develop -

  • High traffic E-commerce applications
  • Gaming and Social networking applications
  • Big data analytics and Business intelligence solutions
  • Data mining tools and GPS tracking applications
NodeJS Consulting and Development

Our team uses Node.js environment to ensure the rapid development of cross-platform applications with user-friendly front-end development and accelerate your go-to-market strategies. We develop scalable and real-time applications using Node.js to provide engaging user experience, robust and secure architecture. We use Node.js for connected devices, real-time web applications, and cloud stacks

Our Node.js consulting and development services include-

  • Video and text chat engines
  • Real-time tracking apps
  • Interactive Applications
  • Collaboration tools and E-commerce Applications
AngularJS Front End Development

We use Angular material and Angular flex-layout for designing functional and responsive applications. Our developers create dynamic and data-intensive applications that exhibit cross-platform compatibility, high speed, and performance using Angular.js. We deliver rich web experience for end-users with Angular.js web, mobile, and desktop applications that feature animations and transitions.

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Real-time chat applications
  • Navigations menus
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Avail the Benefits of Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Custom Content Management System Development
Creating robust, intuitive, and efficient CMS with modern features customized to your business needs
Google Chrome Extensions Development
Enhancing the functionality of Chrome browser through software programs using AngularJS and NodeJS
Real-time Chat Applications
Developing real-time communication applications like forums, chats, and social networks that enable you to provide exceptional customer service and boost conversions
eCommerce Portals
Promoting brands and products using B2B and B2C portals and enhancing customer relationship management
Enterprise Level System Monitoring Applications
Resolving application performance issues with efficiency and facilitating easy monitoring for enhanced productivity
Technology Stack Migration & Porting
Porting and migrating your business applications to MEAN stack frameworks and boosting productivity
CRM and ERP Development
Developing enterprise software for organizations to streamline business operations with efficient data management
Responsive Development
Creating lightweight, flexible, and responsive websites that conforms to W3C standards
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