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Oodles Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise class

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. Our rapid growth is the testimony to conviction and commitment our client experience everyday. Oodles Technologies is best known for building worthwhile and exceptional multi-tenant software application for our clients all across the globe.

What do we offer

Oodles Technologies is best known for building most comprehensive

SaaS solutions

that are built on smartly organized fine-grained configurable components. This gives our clients flexibility to modify presentation and logic of the application through front-end clicks. That means they don't have to worry about code modification, compilation, testing, or deployment. We guarantee our customers a seamless access to the solution bundled with their unique customizations.

From technologies to solutions, let's see what makes us most happening SaaS solution provider:

SaaS Software Application services

We utilize all potential benefits and provide extensive service in

Groovy Grails Web Application

Development and are Known to build a fairly standard 4-tier java application. We account Grail for user interface and Groovy for implementing web services.

What makes us expert at Groovy & Grails?

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SaaS Software Application services

AngularJS is an open-source web application framework to enhance both development and testing of web applications by providing client-side model–view–controller (MVC) capability. We have gained extensive experience in delivering high quality apps using AngularJS. We specialize in building rich, high performance and scalable web applications.

100+solutions deployed successfully!

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SaaS Software Application services

HTML5 is already big and is the future of internet and thriving Mobile industry is the largest expounder of HTML5's towering. We are an out of the box

HTML5 Development company

with unmatched quality of service. increase the accesibility of your website with abundant functionalities and features for a better user experience.

The future's here! We help you optimize technology to achieve goals.

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SaaS Software Application services

The JQuery mobile framework enables to design a high quality application that functions on all desktop and smartphone platforms. It makes things like HTML document traversal, manipulation, event handling, animating, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers.

Success Decoded:

JQuery Mobile App Development.

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From Technologies to Solutions

Oodles Technologies is a Digital Marketing and Information Technology Service providing company with a focus on delivering software and application development services using latest innovative technologies effectively. At Oodles we take pride in turning technologies into elegant solutions which are effective for your business.

100% Successful implementations across various verticals
On-time and under-budget deployment success rate
Customer satisfaction record
Business Drivers
  • Focused, innovative, quality oriented approach
  • Early technology adopters
  • On-time & economical deployments
  • Solid application & subject matter expertise
  • Use of latest cutting edge technologies that cater to present and future technology needs
  • One-stop solution for internet entrepreneurs looking for highly optimized solutions

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