BigData and NoSQL

Big Data is synonymous with exponential growth and availability of massively spread-out data - both structured and unstructured. Big Data can be too complex to be processed using traditional data processing applications, it requires remarkably proactive technologies to process that which includes A/B testing, association rule learning, classification, cluster analysis, data fusion and integration, genetic algorithms, time series analysis, visualization and much more. Oodles Technologies excels in harnessing the power of leveraging big data to help users build more engaged and dedicated audiences through detailed and accurate data analytics.

We provide extensive NoSQL database and Big Data services that helps you leverage the power of the data to the best of your advantage. We render our services in some of the prominent domains like:

Big Data services

Apache Hadoop has become the widely chosen platform for thriving large-scale, data intensive applications. It has been used actively in academia and Industry for research and data mining.
Our diligent and expert Hadoop Developers can provide an opportunity to understand the latest trends and roadmap for the Hadoop platform and its ecosystem, and how Hadoop is leveraged in various domains.

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Big Data services

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database written in c++ language. It is primarily used to develop more scalable applications, reduce cost, establish better customer experience and enhance business empowering.
Our dedicated team of developers hold remarkable exposure in various open source frameworks and are known for delivering world class MongoDB Services to our customers.

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Big Data services

HBase is an open source Database Management System. It is a distributed, scalable and a big data store which is a component of the world's most prominent big data processing platform i.e Apache Hadoop.
We have a proven track record of more than 5 years in successfully delivering Big Data and HBase projects with a growth-focussed team which is well-versed with all the latest technologies and trends.

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Big Data services

Apache Mahout is an open source Apache Foundation project to produce free implementation for scalable machine learning libraries under the Apache Software Licence focused on collaborative filtering, clustering and classification.
The expert team at Oodles Technologies comprises of highly skilled Mahout Developers who help you reach new business heights. Hire our Mahout Developers for fast, secure, and affordable maintenance services even after project is delivered.

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From Technologies to Solutions

Oodles Technologies is a Digital Marketing and Technology Service providing company with focus on delivering development services using latest innovative technologies effectively. At Oodles we take pride in turning technologies into elegant solutions which are effective for your business.

Oodles Technologies has already set a benchmark for providing exemplary

Big Data Application development services

in the present

data management

ecosystem. The overarching goal of Oodles Technologies is to identify and develop the technologies that motivates resolving next generation data challenges via computing platforms and algorithms.

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  • High Availability
  • Advanced data storage and processing
  • Real-time structured data storage
  • Zero Data-loss
  • Effective fault-tolerant systems
  • Data Durability
  • Performance Monitoring & Tuning
  • Automated backups
  • Seamless Scalability


Big Data & NOSQL solutions

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