Machine Learning with Apache Mahout

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There has been a substantial rise in the use-cases of Machine Learning with Apache Mahout over the last decade. Companies have been using Apache Mahout to create supervised and unsupervised machine learning systems for implementing large datasets.

Well, Apache Mahout is a distributed linear algebra framework designed to let data scientists implement their own algorithms. Its main aim is to create machine learning libraries and is also used for clustering. Mahout has greater use in categorizing or recommending content by using scalable machine learning implementation and data mining algorithms. Using Machine Learning in your business can provide you with significant benefits resulting in better user engagement and improved conversion rate.

Why Apache Mahout?
  • Taste Collaborative Filtering
  • Supports Matrix and similar vector libraries
  • MapReduce enabled implementations
  • Distributed Naive Bayes
  • Complimentary Naive Bayes
  • Building Recommender Engines

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Why Choose Us And Our Machine Learning With Apache Mahout Solutions?

We, at Oodles Technologies, build superlative applications and software using Machine Learning. Being one of the early adopters of this neoteric technology, we have gathered immense experience in Artificial Intelligence and provide superlative software solutions powered by Apache Mahout. We are proud to have a distinct innovative approach and offer 24/7 support for your query related to the project, hence delivering the best quality work.

We have carved our niche in awe-inspiring domains like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, Big Data and Live Video Streaming. Moreover, we remain up to date with the latest trends and technologies and apply proven methodologies in our whole course of development. We have a team of professional developers who have years of experience in this domain & furnish top-tier solutions at affordable market rates.

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