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Complement your existing database and seamlessly ignite data analytics with us. Data Generation techniques are raising at a rapid speed. We at Oodles Technologies, managing the Big Data with our best in class resources of Big Data Services which include execution, consultation and support. Big Data is using almost everywhere in the form of pictures, texts, videos, emails etc are there from quite a longer period of time.

Want to know how our Big Data Implementation solutions can help you? Let’s join hands together!

What is Big Data?

Data Generation techniques are amplifying at a phenomenal rate. From analyzing the right data management to marketing techniques and risk management, Big Data has remarkable solutions for all. The 3 V’s of Big Data includes-Volume: There is an immense pool of data and organisations, get data from a variety of resources. The latest technology has helped us a lot in managing large amount of data; Variety: The data which companies receive and has collected in various forms such as image, texts, documents, email videos etc., and Velocity: The data is streamed at a lightning fast speed and it should be processed in the same way.

The amount of data which is available to us right now is almost impossible to handle. Therefore, providing secure, scalable solutions has become very crucial. We, at Oodles Technologies, manages Big Data with our best in class resources which include execution, consultation, and support. Through our Big Data NoSQL Services, we analyze a large amount of structured and unstructured data to take action which directly impacts the business.

What are the Big Data Services That We Offer?
  • Data Visualization Solutions
  • Analytics Optimization
  • Machine Learning/Data Mining
  • Installation and Integration of Hadoop Clusters
  • Big Data Strategy Consulting
  • Data Warehouse Augmentation
  • Big Data Application Integration Services
  • Custom Application Development
  • Migration Services
  • Integration with existing data sources and enterprise data warehouse
How Can Our Big Data Solutions Help You?
  • Multiple Data Source and Formats
  • Identify security risks and threats
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Data Lakes
  • Secure and robust integrated platform
  • Deployable analytics
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Industry-tailored approach
Why Choose Us For Our Unparalleled Big Data Services In India?

At Oodles Technologies, we have an extensive big data experience and offer top-tier Big Data Services in India and across the globe. We have an experienced team of seasoned experts having immense knowledge in the field of Big Data and Analytics.

The developers take extreme care for threats at all stages of the project. We strive to deliver best services and have clients from all over the globe. We use the latest technologies to give the results which have always made our customers happy. Other than that, we also have a deft expertise in Big Data NoSQL Services and much more.

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