WebRTC Development Services

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) WebRTC is an free open source Real Time Communication set-up within the web. It is HTML5 technology which supports browser-to-browser applications to enable voice calling, video conferencing, P2P file sharing.

In WebRTC, the peer-to-peer communication is established without the need of either internal or external plugins. Via the use of simple APIs, WebRTC give support to browsers and mobile applications for Real Time Communication capabilities. The real time WebRTC initiatives, complements the web applications along with the real time media features.

Benefits of WebRTC
  • Neither plugins nor applications/frameworks are required
  • WebRTC is entirely peer to peer so no need to pay for bandwidth
  • With WebRTC, no server or infrastructure is required
  • Keep confidentiality intact as there is no need of any intermediate
  • With WebRTC, we end up with just pure media (Audio/Video) content on the webpage without any Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript API
  • WebRTC has highest performance and negligible latency
  • With common set of protocols, rich and uninterrupted quality applications can be developed
  • High level of security with huge saving over the cost
  • WebRTC is supported by iOS, desktop PC, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Android (Chrome, Opera mobile, firefox)
Services offered by Oodles Technologies
  • Creating a P2P WebRTC platform
  • Real-Time Communications Platform for Mobile and Web Developers
  • Video communications and video collaboration services
  • Instant Messenger and Messaging
  • Establishment of Media Conferencing
  • P2P video call through webRTC
  • Experts performs desktop sharing via webRTC
  • Face detection can be established by our experts
  • Decentralized apps can be developed
  • The WebRTC Data Channel adds another unique dimension to WebRTC applications
  • We specializes in creating a JavaScript video chat application that runs entirely on WebRTC
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