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Oodles Technologies specializes in the development of live video & audio streaming applications for corporates and education markets. We develop flex / flash live video streaming applications such as video chat, video messenger, video conference, live streaming.

Advantages of Streaming Videos / Media

The obvious advantage is streaming videos quickly with significantly reduced or no buffering times. . Streaming media has additional advantages such as being able to broadcast live events (sometimes referred to as a webcast or netcast).

Here are some advantages of Streaming Media:

  • Makes it possible for users to take advantage of interactive applications like video search and personalized playlists.
  • Allows content deliverers to monitor what visitors are watching and for how long they’ve been watching it.
  • Provides an efficient use of bandwidth because only the part of the file that's being transferred is the part that’s being watched.
  • Provides the content creator with more control over his intellectual property because the video file is not stored on the viewer's computer. Once the video data is played, it is discarded by the media player.
  • Streaming video / Streaming media must be delivered from a specialized dedicated streaming server.
Our Business Drivers
  • Streaming audio/video
  • Recording client streams
  • Shared objects
  • Live stream broadcasting
Why we?

We accredit our clients with advanced capabilities to manage, deliver, and monitor audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet using Red5 Media Streaming Server. We offer complete suite of professional service with specialization in Red5, Wowza 3.0 , FFmpeg technologies.

We are a team qualified professionals deeply devoted to provide you with dynamic and high quality services. We even offer an around-the-clock customer support service to respond to your queries quickly and efficiently.

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