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Oodles Technologies is an undisputed choice for providing all-inclusive Information technology solutions. When we deliver a solution, we make sure you have access to our subject-matter experts and technology specialists. We have extensive experience in delivering applications that are rich in technology, scalability and performance. Node.js is one of the core areas of our expertise. Our team of experts have deployed more than 100 successful node.js implementations for our clients worldwide.

Node.js development

is extensively used and preferred by companies like Live Chat, Yahoo, Voxer, Twitter, ebay, LinkedIn and Dow Jones etc. The list of projects, applications and companies using Node.js is growing rapidly.
Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime, which helps build scalable and fast network apps. Node.js uses a non-blocking and an event-driven I/O model. This technique makes it efficient as well as lightweight, perfect for real-time and data-intensive apps that run over distributed devices.

Our Business Drivers
  • Highly I/O bound and event driven applications
  • Real-time web applications
  • Applications that juggle huge chunks of information from and to various sources
  • Highly scalable applications
  • Analytics
  • Build networked apps
Why we?


Node.js services

include module development installation, extension, third party integration and migration of applications from one platform to Node.js. We have passionate, determined and skilled team of

Node.js developers

to help you with cost effective and high-speed

Node.js development


We use Node.js for reasons :

  • Highly constructive connection management
  • Supports web projects of exceptionally high load with swift response
  • Open source

Do you need a preliminary version for your data-intensive app developed with Node.js? You can request a quote, we will be more than happy to work with you.

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