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Oodles Technologies works with clients to significantly enhance productivity and cut down costs. With each project, we use adaptable consultative approach that ensures constructive results. We offer wide range of services like

MEAN Stack Application development

along with other IT services. MEAN Stack is a new and powerful amalgamation of JavaScript-flavored services, and frameworks that create modern, fast and dynamic web sites.
We have highly skilled MEAN Stack web developer who work on MEAN technology Stack to create some robust MEAN based web applications for our clients.

Why choose MEAN Stack ?

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js, which is a free open-source solution Stack for creating dynamic websites. MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript platform that is designed for web applications.
MEAN allows you to write code completely in JavaScript, from client to server. This is the feature that makes MEAN a very profitable full-stack option for web pros. It also supports robust design patterns to help escort the architecture.

Plenty of Benefits too

Single language is used throughout the application. MEAN Stack supports MVC pattern. Only JSON format is used for sending data. Elements of MEAN are all open-source projects, which means it is absolutely free to use, daily updating, and extremely flexible to both use.

Our Business Drivers:
  • Robust, and Modern Services.
  • Advanced Technologies For Web App Development.
  • Innovative Development Features.
  • Progressive Approach.
  • Cloud Integration.
Why Choose Us?

We follow a strict development cycle; we work closely with client to understand their idea and concepts, and based on client’s requirements we create a model to work with. We make sure your apps are easily accessible to all your target users. Oodles focuses on its client’s long-term goals, and ensures that the specific technology produces everlasting results.

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