An Introduction to P2P Video Conferencing Services

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 24-Sep-2021


An Introduction to P2P Video Conferencing Services


P2P or peer-to-peer video conferencing is a form of video conferencing that is directly between two, wherein no cloud or outside servers are required. 

The computer system of a user acts as a server and can seamlessly initiate a call to the person’s computer just by sending them details of their IP address.

This enhances the quality of the video and audio signals on the conference call and as compared to the central server, the connection in the P2P network doesn’t have to travel far, making the call crisp and clear. 

However, since many video conferencing apps are cloud-based, they present their own advantages as well as disadvantages. In this blog, we will delve into the basics of P2P video conferencing and its benefits. 

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How does P2P Video Conferencing work?

Video conferencing signals essentially need to travel and reach the required destination, and that is where it all starts.

With the cloud-hosted services, video calls are primarily routed to a server that is off-site from the devices, lining to connect. This initiates the connection of your tentative meeting. 

During video conferencing, you will be streaming the content or your feed over the server that further forwards that info to everyone else in the call. 

Therefore, in cloud-based video conferencing, your feed is seemingly being distributed to an outside server. 

On the other hand, with P2P or peer-to-peer video conferencing, your video feed directly goes to the user that you are talking to. There are no in-between servers but just the two of you.



  • Bandwidth

P2P provides one-on-one video services in a cost-effective manner for both parties involved. However, they depend on the internet connection’s stability as well. 

With P2P video conferencing, the server receives the data from your client, figures out whether there’s any low bandwidth situation or not and then adapts to the required video streaming services accordingly. 

Each person in the video calls received high-quality stream that is available to them and it all depends on their bandwidth, irrespective of the condition of the line on the other end. 

If someone’s connection fails, they simply drop off and connect whenever they can while the rest of the conference call can continue without interruption or any hitch.


  • Affordability

It is still believed that it is very cost-prohibitive for video conferencing service providers to rely on just a central server. They have to pay a fee for the servers so users can communicate with one another, and the cost of servers is passed on thereafter.

Well, P2P video conferencing is simple to administer as there are only two endpoints. That is why P2P video conferencing service providers mostly provide minimal costed two-person communication services. 

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The Advantages of P2P Video Conferencing

If you are looking to add more security to your video calls, the directness of peer-to-peer video conferencing can indubitably be appealing. After all, there is just one server involved and it is the user who is intended or permitted to be in the meeting. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for any other outsider or third party to crash the conference calls.

Moreover, P2P video conferencing can also prove to be more economic, cost-effective, and beneficial for a lot of businesses. If you possess the ability or have the technical know-how, you can directly connect with people you want instead of spending a lot on cloud-based solutions that generally come with some monthly or annual subscription fees. 

Are P2P Video Conferencing Solutions Good For Your Business?

Now that you know a bit more about how peer-to-peer video conferencing works along with the benefits they offer, we hope that it will help you in evaluating and getting an in-depth understanding of what may work best for your business. 

As video conferencing apps and on-demand video streaming app development services are being widely adopted by digital media creators and enterprises, it is crucial to have a robust platform that you can indubitably rely on. If you are looking for video conferencing app development services, request a free quote and our team will be happy to assist you throughout the process. For more information, feel free to navigate through our range of OTT and video streaming app development services.  


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