Live Video Streaming

Stream your video content on-demand and with us and get the most out of your video campaigns. Oodles Technologies os the most sought after Live Video Streaming service providers in India that offers avant-garde OTT Video Delivery solutions to the clients at cost-effective prices.

Video Streaming is great for those who love watching live events and concerts as it is difficult for them to attend it. Our trailblazing services allow you to broadcast compressed content over the internet to the viewers in the real-time that can be viewed on multiple devices such as computers, tablet, smartphones, and your big screen.

Live Streaming allows audio/video content to reach a global audience simultaneously. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also rendered support for live video streaming. The Facebook Live feature allows you go live while being anywhere around the world. Facebook-owned media sharing app, Instagram has also the feature of “Live on Instagram”.

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What Are The Major Benefits of Live Streaming?
  • Increases Brand Value
  • It provides the same engagement as in a live event
  • If are using it strategically, your Google search rank is going to significantly increase
  • Easier reach to the target audience in relatively less time
  • Helps you stay unaffected in the intensifying competition
  • The most interactive and engaging medium of online advertising
  • Helpful for making important announcements in real-time
  • Reach and talk to your clients in real-time
What Makes Our Video Streaming Solutions Different?
  • Real-time stats
  • Advertising Support
  • Pay per View
  • Global Live Video CDN
  • Video CMS
  • Video Analytics
  • Credits Roll Over
  • Privacy Controls
  • Video Security
  • Full-time Customer Support
Why Choose Us For Live Video Streaming Services?

Oodles Technologies is one of the leading Video Streaming Mobile Applications Development Company that has carved its niche in offering superlative & affordable video streaming services to the clients across the globe.

We are pioneers in building top-notch video streaming applications for popular streaming platforms. For all these remarkable years, we have been delivering the finest live and on-demand video streaming services at the best market price. We have attained excellence in Video on Demand (VoD) Streaming as well and provide 24/7 meaningful support for our every customer.

Nevertheless, we follow a 360 degrees approach and implement proven methodologies into all our solutions. We also offer post-launch assistance to the companies so that they could reach out to larger audiences.

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