Top Use Cases Of Video Conferencing App Development Services

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 31-Aug-2021


Top Use Cases Of Video Conferencing App Development Services 


During the unprecedented times of COVID-19, telemedicine and remote work became a norm. Educators, government institutions, and individuals began adopting video conferencing solutions- a technology that multiple businesses have already been using for quite a few years. 

Not only has the user base for video conferencing applications expanded significantly, but the use cases of how they are using it also continue to grow.

In this article, we will discuss top 5 use cases of video conferencing and real-time chat development solutions and how it benefits enterprises.

Video Streaming App development
Why use video conferencing apps?

The different objectives of real-time chat and video conferencing app development services are:


  1. Interpersonal communication: In order to connect personally, when people use video conferencing apps, the technology requirements vary from those for formal presentations or meetings. Therefore, the convenience and ease of use is extremely critical. Video conferencing and real-time meetings are central to interpersonal communications. Some of the examples include:
  • Telemedicine appointments between doctors and patients
  • Interviewing job candidates by HR departments
  • While at conferences, faculty members can stay in contact with classes
  1. Collaboration: Collaboration is collegial and may need an IT team to help distributed resources or remote workers who virtually meet to fulfil tasks or requirements. Collaborative interactions may include business-based documents such as spreadsheets or reports. It also includes features such as calendar integrations, recording attributes, instant messaging, or enhanced security for sessions. Some examples are:
  • Planning and executing open enrollments by HR team
  • Planning upcoming events and curricula by faculty members
  • Doctors collaborating on diagnoses or reviewing diagnostic tests
  1. Presentations and education: This segment includes live, interactive presentations such as company meetings, recorded educational videos, or seminars. For live presentations, enterprises have to face additional considerations like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, marketing capabilities to schedule and track attendee registrations, and many other features such as video recordings, breakout rooms, raising hands, along with other audience management attributes.

Top Video Conferencing App Development Use Cases

  • Training

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing technology-empowered training centers to resume and continue their operations. A video conference app can provide every aspect of training sessions, including digital whiteboard features, pre-recorded content, registration, test-taking, and individual interactions with instructors. 

  • Event Management

If your company needs to hold a huge internal event or carry out public activities, you are bound to require a corresponding solution. 

Custom software enables you to create a platform with virtual booths. You will get both audience engagement and seamless connectivity. Moreover, the participants experience events nearly the same way as an offline, personalized event. They can network in private video rooms, and others can attend the general meeting while the managers can handle and control all the rooms simultaneously. 


  • Collaboration with customers

Client or customer meetings build rapport which can affect success and satisfaction. Users involved in the meeting can also affect the levels of customer stickiness and direct engagement. 

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On the other hand, video conferencing application development services meet all these requirements, lower the costs of maintaining customer relationships, and ensure that the users engage with the right people, at the right time, without the need of any travel or complex scheduling.


  •  Project management

Irrespective of the project management approach employed by organizations, such as Scrum, collaborative meetings can happen on an everyday basis in order to manage deliverables. 

For instance, enterprises can have geographically dispersed teams to collaborate and review project plans, manage risks, handle quality reviews, and complete code. This capability can be achieved through real-time video streaming app development and can assist in saving a lot of effort, money, and time. 

Video conferencing technology denotes that businesses and companies can effortlessly connect with their employees or stakeholders regardless of their location.

Video conferencing Web and Mobile App Development With Oodles Technologies

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are positively responding to the increasing demands for advanced real-time video conferencing solutions. We are all witnessing a fundamental shift towards how enterprise training, customer engagement, and communications take place and how beneficial it is for different industries. 

The transition from the traditional collaboration and business communication to a video-based approach is occurring rapidly and forward-thinking businesses and organizations are already ready to adopt it. If you are looking for audio/ video streaming app development or real-time video streaming services, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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