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SaaS Multi Tenant
Responsive Web Applications

HTML5 , jQuery , Groovy and Grails , AngularJS , Java Development Services

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Online Video Content Transcoding , Content Delivery

Use our Expertise to build Online Video Solutions using Kaltura , Wowza , Red5 , FFMPEG , Flex and Flash Development Services

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Native , Cross Compiled , Hybrid Mobile Applications

Titanium , PhoneGap and Native iOS and Android Development Services

Our Approach

Business Intelligence
using BigData Technologies

Gain Insights , Keep Everything and Go Fast
using Hadoop , Mahout , MongoDB and other relevant Technologies

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About Us

From Technologies to Solutions.

Oodles Technologies is an offshore software development company with a focus on state-of-the-art technologies. We have our niche in awe-inspiring domains like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, Big Data and Live Video Streaming. We keep close tabs on the latest trends and technologies and with our highly skilled team of developers, we deliver end-to-end development solutions at the best market rates.

Agency Statistics

  • 2009
    Team Members
  • 2009
    web and mobile apps developed
  • 2009
    Happy Clients all over the world
  • 2009
    video streaming projects completed
  • 2009
    new blockchain projects initiated
  • 2009
    blogs written and published

Our Services

SaaS Applications
Online Video Content

Use our expertise in Video Streaming , Video Transcoding and Streaming platforms like FFmpeg , Kaltura , Red5 , Wowza 3.0 to build your Online Video Content Management applications.

Our team is also well versed with Set Top Box (STB) applications development using Roku and NetGem STB SDKs.

With our extensive experience in Video Transcoding, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, Kaltura Live Streaming, and Video Content Delivery Networks, we make sure that you are using video content in an optimal way for your application.

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Mobile Applications
BigData & NoSQL

We offer excellent development services for Big Data Projects. Our Development services complement open-source Big Data platforms like Apache Hadoop , MongoDB , HBase and Mahout. These include architectural, implementation help and technical support for BigData technologies in development or in production.

We provide comprehensive and flexible NoSQL and Big Data Services and empowers skillful procedures in Mahout Development and MongoDB Development.

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Blockchain Development

Our proven capabilities to successfully implement systems that uses cryptographic proof of work systems has been helping organizations worldwide to massively simplify ‘transactions’ and cost based processes using Blockchain development services. We help you create, design, implement, and support a universal digital ledger that functions at the heart of decentralized systems, transparently recording each and every transaction made on the system. Thus addressing your specific and common business requirements such as aligned business models, data privacy, controlled costs, increased functional value, ability to withstand changes, and much more.

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