Why do we use Accessibility Testing

Posted By : Monika Sharma | 28-Sep-2021


What is accessiblity testing?

Accessibility testing is the practice of creating your web and mobile apps usable to as many people as possible. It makes applications accessible to those with various disabilities, such as hearing disabilities, vision impairment, and other physical or conditions.


Why Accessibility Testing Is a Necessity?

It is important that product innovations are delivered with special needs as well. It requires the implementation of special technologies in products. Some of these technologies are speech and screen recognition softwares, screen readers, special keyboards to work and for communication, and more.

However, there are many innovative products, applications and websites that are not accessible and user-friendly to everyone. It is geared towards normal users as well as users with various types of disabilities. It is not only focuses on verifying usability issues, but it makes sure that an application or website can be used by people with various disabilities such as learning, visual, auditory, physical, speech, language, and cognitive disabilities.


Benefits of Accessibility Testing:

  1. Increases the market share and website usage: It will be easier for the people with disabilities to access websites successfully and ensures an effective increase in the traffic by practicing the methods of web accesibility.
  2.  Enhances the brand image:

    The way of web accessibility not only eases in understanding the application, it also helps to increase the user’s approach and ensures a positive effect towards their application and helps to build brand.

  3. Makes the website accessible for the society:

    Accessibility testing effectively helps the website to be equally accessible for user with various disabilities and provides an equal number of opportunities. This method of accessing the applications irrespective of the disabilities will ultimately make an active participating society.

How can we Increase Accessibility Testing With Automation

Following are main steps to increase accessiblity testing with automation:

  • Develop regression tests to automate: Regression tests play a vital role in improving the performance of automated accessibility testing. It also proves to be cost-effective.

  • Develop a plan of action for implementing accessibility testing: Accessibility testing needs to be carried out throughout the agile process from an agile methodology perspective. The best way is to start from design as it plays an vital role in testing. It gives a framework and structure for carrying out testing effectively.

  • Identify the best test automation platform: Automating accessibility testing can be easy, quick and effective with the right test automation platform. The testing team must find the right test automation platform that can fully justify the project requirements.


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