What is Selenium and Its Need in Present Era

Posted By : Manju Pal | 23-Apr-2021

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source computerization testing instrument that is utilized for mechanizing tests completed on various internet browsers.

It has a set-up of instruments that takes into account various necessities of associations. It fundamentally has four unique devices:-

Selenium RC (which is currently belittled)

Selenium IDE (Selenium Incorporated Improvement Climate)

Selenium Lattice

Selenium Web Driver

Right now, Selenium Web Driver and Framework are converged into one and this is the thing that we'll be discussing in this article.


Language and Framework Support:-

When somebody picks a device the main thing that rings a bell is: "Does my device upholds the language that I know?"

All things considered, this isn't the situation with Selenium as it upholds all significant dialects like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl programming dialects for programming test robotization.

You can compose your content in any of these programming dialects and Selenium changes over it into Selenium viable codes instantly. Likewise, every Selenium upheld language has devoted structures that help recorded as a hard copy test content for Selenium test computerization. Thus, when you go for Selenium as an apparatus for performing computerization testing, you don't need to stress over language and structure support as Selenium does that for you!

Open Source Availability:-

One of the numerous things that add to the benefits of Selenium is its open-source accessibility. In this way, you can save bucks here and use them for other great aims.

The Selenium people group is ceaselessly helping designers and programmers in robotizing the internet browser highlights and functionalities. Selenium being open source likewise assists you with altering the code for better and boosting the usefulness of predefined classes and capacities. Selenium has become the most dependable web computerization apparatus in view of the simplicity of creating test contents to approve usefulness.


Test the board is the thing that is vital in the testing lifecycle. It gets simpler and more effective with Selenium highlights like pulling together and refactoring of experiments. This aides designers and analyzers in fast changes to the code, diminishing duplication, limiting entanglements, and improving viability. These highlights make Selenium more adaptable and usable when contrasted with other mechanization testing instruments and henceforth assists Selenium with keeping an edge.

Easy to Learn and Use:-

Selenium contents are not something like composing a hundred-page complex calculation. Additionally, documentation on the Selenium site is useful for designers and analyzers to begin with Selenium robotization testing. With the fundamentally developing local area, Selenium instructional exercises, testing, and advancement support is only a Google search away.

Additionally, with Selenium IDE augmentation on Firefox program, you can utilize record and play usefulness to produce Selenium contents for future reference.

Need For Software Testing:-

Programming testing is the place where everything reduces to. The present universe of innovation is totally overwhelmed by machines, and their conduct is constrained by the product controlling it.

Be it Amazon or E-Narrows or Flipkart, they depend on the client traffic on their sites and traffic on their electronic versatile applications for business.

Envision, if something disastrous happens like the costs of various items being covered off at 10$, all as a result of a little bug in a "not so effectively decipherable" part of the code. At that point what should be possible, and how might we forestall it the following time?

By testing the code before organization right? In this way, that is the requirement for programming testing. Be that as it may, what is Selenium? Is it a product testing device? Indeed, Selenium is a computerization testing instrument!

Before I go any further, let me clear out that, Product testing is of two sorts: Manual Testing and Computerization Testing. Selenium was established as a mechanization testing apparatus to defeat the disadvantages/impediments of Manual testing. Along these lines, in the following segment of this what is selenium blog, how about we comprehend the difficulties with manual testing.

Challenges With Manual Testing:-

Take a gander at the above picture of a helpless chap, who physically checks the exchanges recorded. The difficulties he is confronting cause exhaustion, fatigue, delay in work, missteps, and mistakes due to manual exertion. This lead to the innovation of Selenium (computerization testing instrument).

Automation Testing Beats Manual Testing:-

Mechanization testing beats manual testing without fail. Why? Since it is quicker, needs less interest in human assets, it isn't inclined to blunders, successive execution of tests is potential, upholds lights out the execution, upholds relapse testing, and furthermore useful testing.

Assume there is a login page and we need to check on the off chance that all the login endeavors are fruitful, it will be truly simple to compose a piece of code that will approve if all the exchange/login endeavors are a triumph or not (computerized experiment execution).

In addition, these tests can be designed so that they are tried in various conditions and internet browsers. What else should be possible? You can computerize the age of the result document, by planning it for a specific time during the day. At that point, you can likewise robotize the age of reports dependent on those outcomes and so forth.

The central issue is that robotization testing makes an analyzer's work a ton more straightforward. Look at the picture underneath which shows a more loosened-up climate where a similar analyzer is working.



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