Introduction to accessibility testing

Posted By : Sumita Goswami | 12-Jan-2021

What is Accessibility Testing?


Accessibility Testing is represented as a type of Software Testing operation to establish that the application being tested is serviceable by people with impairment like hearing, color blindness, old age, and other deprived groups. It is a subdial of usability testing. Technology is growing the way we live, but it needs to adjust how we approach it, exclusively in the digital life that administers modernization and new changes to everybody who depletes it. It needs a lot of attempts to conceive a technology that can be recycled by ‘everybody’. For occurrence, if a commodity is discharged in the market, the commodity must be recycled by every particular, constant those with the appropriate obligation.


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The right to Accessibility Testing


Accessibility Test not only targets authenticating usability, but it composes assured that an application can be used by a community with many disabilities, along with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.


How to achieve Accessibility Testing


Accessibility test of a web page, amount, or application commonly associates a comprehensive standard examination of entity folio, forward with testing entity activity like commodity examination and online form assent. Accessibility can be accomplished using both manual and automated testing of definite aspects of digital technology.


Analysis of Accessibility Testing


Whether the testing is automated or manual, it is important to analyze for conformity with definite accessibility testing guidance. There are certain specifications for accessibility such as W3C’s WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0, BITV 1.0, Section 508 & Stanca Act, etc. out of which Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 are accepted worldline. These measures administer minutiae and measures on how to make a website or application available. A website having the right knowledge of these measures and continuing by these measures has a high rate of actually fortunate in the market.


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Types of Accessibility Testing tools



DYNO Mapper is a sitemap alternator that checks the web accessibility of websites and online applications. DYNO Mapper combines captivate reserve and audit, as well as daily access capture


2. AATT (Automated accessibility testing tool)

AATT (Automated Accessibility Testing Tool) is a commodity provided by PayPal. This platform contributes an accessibility API as well as other characteristics of web applications for HTML_CodeSniffer. 


3. Accessibility checker

Accessibility Checker, conceived by CKSource, is a software priority that allows you to audit the accessibility equalize captivating that is conceived in CKEditor, is known as an innovative solution for web accessibility.


4. Accessibility viewer

Accessibility Viewer is administered over The Paciello Group. Also noted as a viewer, it is a Windows 'analysis tool that demonstrates accessibility API information defined by the web gateway to the operating system. Accessibility instruction combines IAccessible2, MSAA, UI Automation, HTML DOM, and ARIA.


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Uses of Accessibility Testing


  1. Avoiding intolerance and legal complaints
  2. Embracing an ample congregation
  3. Building conclusive PR
  4. Developing SEO
  5. Expanding usability




Accomplishing the Accessibility Test is a formal part of the software testing procedure, and accomplishing the crucial checks initially and often can help better the comprehensive background of adopting an application or website. As the world is eloquent against elaborating consumer action, an application prerequisite is tested for its accessibility.


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