An Introduction To Selenium IDE

Posted By : Pooja Kumari | 09-Apr-2020

Selenium is a free, open-source framework that is used in automation testing. It accepts programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc to create selenium test scripts. Testing done using Selenium tool is usually called selenium testing. It is not a single tool but its a software suite used in quality assurance services. 

Four different tools of selenium are:
1.Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
2.Selenium Remote Control (RC)
4.Selenium Grid.


Advantages of Using Selenium

1. It supports all major languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl programming languages for software test automation. So that we can write script in any of the above programming languages.
2. It is an open-source framework, so it publicly accessible and free.
3. It supports multiple browsers, so we can use one Selenium script for all browsers.

IDE stands for integrated development environment. It is an open-source automation testing tool available under selenium suite, as selenium is not a single tool but suite of software.IDE is primarily is a run tool that does not require any programming language to write the test scripts. It only requires an extension from the browsers.


Key Features of Selenium IDE

1. Speed control: It helps in controlling the speed of test cases.
2. Run all: It allows to the run the entire test suite.
3. Run: It also allows to run only the selected test cases.
4. Pause/Resume: It allows to pause and resume the test cases.
5. Steps: It allows step into each specific command in the test script
6. Rollup: It allows all the selenium commands together to execute in a single operation.


Benefits of Using Selenium IDE

1. It automatically records all the test cases based upon interaction with the browser.
2. It provides flexibility in executing the test cases.
3. It allows both the single test case execution and multiple test case execution.
4. It allows testers to set breakpoints for the purpose of debugging particular test cases.
5. It allows the reusability of test cases with the help of run command.
6. It provides multiple-locators for each element in the IDE ensures successful execution


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