Understanding Browser Based Live Streaming Technology in 2022

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 16-Aug-2022


Browser-Based Live Streaming Technology: Everything You Need To Know


As businesses and broadcasters are seeking new ways to stream digital multimedia content in real-time, browser-based live streaming has steadily emerged as one of the most preferred techniques. Thanks to the latest emerging protocols and video streaming standards, web-based live streaming has incessantly become more accessible than ever.


In this blog, we will provide you with comprehensive details pertaining to browser-based live video streaming, how it works, and why businesses should consider opting for it in the years to come. So, let’s get started with understanding what browser-based streaming actually is.

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What is Browser-Based Video Streaming?


Also known as web-based streaming, browser-based video streaming is a type of live streaming that is typically hosted from a web-based portal instead of a downloaded application. The buzz around this technology has been because of the natural progression from browser-supported video player development such as HTML5 video players.  


Moreover, web-based streaming is entirely different from streaming through a dedicated video delivery platform that necessitates downloading the related app. Predominantly, downloadable video streaming solutions leverage the blend of HLS and RTMP to transport as well as deliver their live streams. Since RTMP streaming is not compatible with a lot of browsers, web-based video streaming subsequently requires a different and intuitive setup.


Out of all, the two notable video streaming technologies that support browser-based streaming are SRT and WebRTC. In terms of browser compatibility, both are universal, however, neither is widely supported by present-day video streaming apps. Each offers access to low-latency and secure streaming which ultimately appears lucrative and preferable for broadcasters who are looking to stream live video content from their browser. 


What Are The Benefits of Browser-Based Streaming?


In addition to the capabilities of tapping into the profound benefits of WebRTC and SRT technologies, web-based live video streaming is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Essentially, these platforms have slightly distinct functionalities as compared to video streaming apps.


Furthermore, many in-browser video streaming platforms generally mesh in with live streaming software for simulcasting or production, however, they are relatively less powerful in comparison to dedicated apps. 


Since it does not necessitate downloading, streaming with a web-based platform is usually as simple as signing in to the site, setting up related sources, and initiating the live stream. This is a remarkable feature and a way to go if you are looking for starting a live video stream quickly and with fewer hassles. 


Also, web-based streaming is considered to be more economical and cost-effective than applications, which is another bonus. If you want to stream video content in real-time without drilling big holes in the pocket, web browser live streaming is indubitably the best preference.


Browsers That Seamlessly Support Live Streaming


After you have selected the preferred browser-based platform to stream in real-time with, you also need to opt for the supporting browser in order to access the platform. Most browser-based video streaming platforms support live streaming multimedia content through major browsers used on Mac or Windows OS such as:


  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox


NOTE: Whenever opting for a suitable web-based streaming platform to work with, analyze, check, and evaluate what browsers function seamlessly with it in order to make sure that you have the right browser downloaded and installed in your system. The best web browser to steam live multimedia content is one that works and performs efficaciously with your browser-based video streaming platform. 


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How To Do Live Video Streaming From Your Browser


As already discussed earlier, in order to stream digital media content from your browser in real-time, you will need the compatibility and support of a robust browser-based video streaming platform. There are already quite a few such platforms that are readily available in the market today that are entirely geared towards various use cases. 


If you are looking for building your own customized video streaming platform that is web-based, we recommend architecting one that coherently supports webinar hosting, live event streaming, collaboration, networking, and communication. The key is to develop a feature-rich video streaming platform that aligns with your business objectives well and fulfills the requisites of web-based live streaming.


Building A Robust Browser-Based Streaming Platform


Browser-based live streaming is quickly growing in popularity primarily because of its ease of access, usability, and simplicity. Many of the already available web-based streaming platforms in the market space today are amalgamated with either web conferencing or simulcasting technology that creates an intuitive and unique streaming experience.


Moreover, you should also keep in mind that some web-based streaming services are ideally suitable for larger organizations, however, many are far too elementary and straightforward for broadcasting multimedia content at a broader and advanced level. 


There is also a lot of unified video streaming solutions that furnish an expansive range of professional broadcasting features and functionalities. Some of these features include easy embedding, HTML5 video players, API access for customization, white-label streaming, video monetization, video security & privacy, security protocols & privacy tools, OTT apps for VOD hosting, and more. 


Looking For Video Streaming Services For Your Project?


At Oodles Technologies, we provide all-inclusive video streaming app development solutions to businesses across a wide range of industries such as media, entertainment, gaming, and more. As an established video streaming app development company, we specialize in furnishing custom video delivery solutions such as live streaming app development, smart TV app development, web conferencing app development. OTT app development, VOD app development, messaging/chat app development, and more. Our multi-years of experience aids businesses to conceptualize, design, and market diverse and personalized video streaming platforms. If you are looking for building a web-based or native video streaming application for your business, feel free to book a free demo. Our experts will help in selecting the best technology and framework for your streaming platform and guide you extensively through the entire software development cycle. 


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