Steps For Building An Effective Virtual Onboarding Platform

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 08-Aug-2022


Virtual Onboarding Platform Development


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to realign their business operations, making a massive shift from on-premises work culture to remote jobs. It has ultimately made virtual onboarding skills a must-have for learning and development (L&D) and streamlined business operations. And as we all continue to acclimate to the era of remote work, there are a few aspects pertaining to the overall employee experience that the HR department still needs to embrace and adapt to this new way of working. 


In these transitionary times, one such pressing issue is how to manage and handle onboarding remote employees without losing the essence of actual physical recruitment. While a majority of organizations are seeking to figure out intuitive ways to tackle the roadblocks that show up incessantly, it would be reasonably true to say that operating in a virtual environment necessitates enhanced digital intervention, mentoring, coaching, and a structured approach to preserve and retain a semblance of in-person hiring experiences.


This is where the need for an effective virtual onboarding platform seeps in. When done right, virtual hiring can dramatically augment new employee retention, and substantially, the all-inclusive productivity in the company. Moreover, a well-organized and smartly-structured virtual onboarding plan can help with the entire workplace efficiency and the comprehensive outlook of new and existing employees towards the company.


In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of building a robust and feature-rich virtual onboarding platform development solution and how it holds the potential for increased business outflow, effectiveness, and tangible growth over the years. So, let’s first get started with understanding the fundamentals of remote hiring processes for detailed comprehension.

Virtual Onboarding platform development

Steps To Building A Robust Virtual Onboarding Platform


Virtual onboarding platforms are extremely crucial for facilitating a streamlined and effective workflow within an organization. Here are some of the benefits of building a virtual onboarding platform:


  1. Time and cost-efficient
  2. Scale onboarding
  3. Reduced planning hassles and overheads
  4. Better new employee performance
  5. Detailed insights and analytics
  6. Convenient and automated workflows


We have mentioned crucial steps that will help you in the process of virtual onboarding and employee tracking software development:


  • Set up the right technology


The core difference between in-person and virtual onboarding is that the latter depends completely on technology. Constructing and setting up the right infrastructure that will entail all remote collaboration, communication, and learning requisites is of paramount importance. For instance, business chats such as Microsoft Teams or Slack along with shared file platforms such as Dropbox and OneDrive have now set new norms and standards for the entire corporate world. Similarly, for your own virtual onboarding platform development, you will indubitably need robust video conferencing software as well as a purpose-built virtual classroom solution.


  • Inculcate pre-onboarding training materials in your platform


To initiate the onboarding process, you do not need to wait until the selected candidates are on board. Instead, you can consider furnishing pre-onboarding training materials in order to get them work-ready. We recommend adding related functionalities to your virtual hiring and training platform that can help in training and upskilling new employees before they even join the workforce.


  • Add a comprehensive employee journey map


The enthusiasm of being a new employee can subsequently fizzle out or the entire hiring experience might even get confusing if the virtual onboarding software is not structured properly with expected outcomes and clear milestones. To combat this, we recommend building an all-inclusive and personalized Task Tracker or digital checklist app using platforms like Salesforce that can provide clear visibility into the onboarding milestones. This ultimately results in keeping the hiring managers, onboarding teams, and new hires on track with must-do tasks such as key 1:1 meetings, administrative processes, charting personal goals, mandatory training, and finally, reviewing leadership goals.


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  • Establish a strong support system


Even at the best of times, chances are that the onboarding experience might get intense for new employees, especially for those who have started their professional journey straight after college. Well, remote induction mostly magnifies this intensity. Moreover, in the ongoing remote work culture, managing virtual hiring presents new sets of challenges. 


To solve this problem, your virtual hiring platform can have functionalities to introduce new joiners to the existing employees, making them feel comfortable. The software can also be designed in a way that it can send personalized email communications. 


  • Gamification of the remote onboarding process


Just because remote employees do not have the privilege to meet their peers and group members does not mean that the fun has to stop. We highly recommend gamifying the entire onboarding process and having live word clouds. You can also conduct live polls to target and engage your employees through your platform. 


  • Automate the process


According to reports, 36% of HR professionals stated the lack of technology as the sole reason for their inability to organize and automate their onboarding programs. Therefore, we suggest that bringing automation features to your virtual onboarding platform will immensely help your organization in the long run. Utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can assist you not only in hiring but also in onboarding new employees with utmost ease. 


Typically, applicant tracking systems are integrated with the employee onboarding software which can altogether aid in minimizing the burden on HR professionals. Moreover, this allows them to focus more on making the hiring process more efficient. The software also truncates any possible manual errors and can be programmed to send automated reminders and alerts to employees within the organization.


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