Tips To Kickstart Your Own OTT Business In 2023

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 10-Feb-2023

A Comprehensive Guide To Build Your Own OTT Business


OTT platform architecture has tremendously disrupted traditional broadcasting and cable TV services. The fondness towards OTT streaming has not only heightened in the past few years but has also furnished content creators and businesses in the digital media industry a profitable road to look forward to.

OTT App Development in 2023

As the trend continues to proliferate, the ‘Over-The-Top’ solutions have set a lucrative standard in the course of media consumption along with their effective delivery, creating a colossal impact in the world of online video streaming. 


Moreover, with the unprecedented aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic, abandoning cable TV subscriptions to embrace newer means of online broadcast mediums has now become the new norm. Technological advancements have switched the dynamics of the OTT streaming sector, enabling new entrants to challenge the broadcasting giants and plague their conventional media delivery standards. Established platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and other channels are becoming troublesome forces for the traditional TV industry.


Due to this digital transformation, OTT video streaming has earnestly evolved and transfigured the business value of television from a provider-driven funnel to a customer-driven approach. With this newfound opportunity, starting a self-owned online TV channel has become a new buzz to take on the entertainment segment. Because of the enormous success of new-age streaming providers, experts believe that this is the perfect time to build your own OTT platform and capitalize on the ever-increasing and evolving digital landscape.


In this blog, we will share some tips and proven strategies to start your own OTT business in 2023. So, let’s get started.

What Are The Crucial Aspects To Consider Before Investing in OTT Platform Development? 


  • Have a fundamentally clear understanding of the video streaming industry and market definition.
  • Have a comprehensive set of content licensing check-list and make sure your streaming content falls under rightful publishing permissions.
  • Choose the relevant and right monetization model for your OTT platform such as TVOD, AVOD, SVOD, Hybrid, etc.
  • Integrate your video streaming channel with secure and reliable hosting platforms.
  • Have universal and comfortable multi-device support with accessibility across all major platforms. 


Technologies Used For Building An OTT Platform


Here, we have mentioned some core technologies that can help accelerate your business plan with their unparalleled functionalities – making it futuristic as well as unique for content owners, viewers, and administrators.


  1. Cloud Hosting


A majority of the OTT platform owners use AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services as their prime cloud storage component. This cloud-based solution enables businesses to build their own OTT application and magnify their consumer engagement, scalability, and revenue. 


  1. Server


Nginx media server is one of the most popular and suitable java-based platform servers that have the capacity to handle a high volume of concurrent connections. The edge server has proven to be the best performer in holding static files – making the work done in a much simpler way of high-quality content streaming.


  1. Video Streaming Protocol


HTTP live streaming and RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) are two of the most sought-after streaming protocols actively used in top VOD platforms to streamline live-streaming video content. In essence, the RTMP protocol provides low-latency interaction and also transmits the overall maximum possible data.


  1. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)


 Most CDN providers across the globe use it as a key component of OTT platforms which ultimately helps in minimizing latency and reducing the traffic in the core network. In addition to this, CDN implementation helps in elevating the platform’s performance on a real-time basis.


  1. Security


AES Encryption and DRM (Digital Rights Management) are two widely used security systems for OTT applications. Each plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the content from copyright infringement and enabling a barrier by protecting the digital content from unauthorized access.


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Imperative Factors To Consider For Creating A New-Age OTT Platform


Building a low-latency and highly engaging OTT software requires a specific set of sophisticated features to deliver unmatched viewing experiences to your users. Some of the cardinal attributes include:


  • Extensive Customization


An OTT channel with strategic customization will provide a competitive edge by delivering end-to-end encrypted solutions for making quick progressions in the industry powered by unique and futuristic technologies.


  • On-Cloud Or On-Premise Hosting Of Your Choice


With the use of source codes, making an online video streaming platform becomes much easier and streamlined in order to host the platform on-premise or on-cloud.


  • Reliable Live Streaming To VOD Transitions


With the creation of one-of-a-kind OTT channels, live video streaming content can be seamlessly moved to your VOD library, allowing viewers to access and have the privilege of unlimited or repeated playbacks.


  •  Efficient CMS For Video Management


The content management system for videos will technically streamline and ease video organization to ensure effective and quick management of the digital media content library.


  • Video Streaming Compatibility With All Device Players


The implementation of HLS media player allows hassle-free video streaming through faster playback – it ensures quick delivery of high-quality online video streaming with zero lags or buffering.


  • High-Precision Real-Time Analytics


With real-time analytics, you get to monitor and evaluate the video engagement data for decoding user acquisition patterns and behavior. The usage of custom player data, metrics, viewer data, and advanced analytics dashboard help in boosting customer understanding.


Looking For OTT App Development Services For Your Media & Entertainment Business?


At Oodles Technologies, we provide end-to-end OTT streaming services to global businesses, enabling them to overcome complex operational challenges and gain a strong foothold in the highly competitive market. As an established video streaming app development company, we have assisted numerous startups, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes in stepping inside the digital landscape and building intuitive video streaming platforms that attract potential subscribers. With a team of highly proficient developers, we provide in-depth assistance in integrating and modernizing existing platforms or building an end-to-end OTT platform from the ground up – while scaling your business to new heights. If you are looking for OTT platform development services for your project, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts will help in selecting the right technologies in accordance with your industry requirements and build robust, scalable, secure, and engaging applications for maximum customer outreach and user satisfaction. 


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