Why You Need To Build Your Own Automated Employee Time Tracking Tool

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 26-Jul-2022


Automated Employee Time Tracking Tool Development


If you are an organization or a business owner who needs to identify as well as plan their time and objectives, you know how crucial it is to track employee time. While traditional paper-based systems and spreadsheets have now become archaic and limited, automated time tracking applications have rightfully emerged, taking your organizational process management to the next level. 


Without a robust time tracking system in place, it is practically difficult to quantify what employees are doing throughout their shift, what percentage of their allocated projects are on track, and how all of this is affecting overall company performance, revenue, and profits. 


Moreover, as compared to all of the recently developed management tools, time tracking software has proven to be a boon for organizations of all shapes and sizes. These tools and applications do a lot more than just track employee work time. A strategically architected time tracker is an efficacious solution to save money as well as aids in using employee working hours in an extremely productive manner.


In this blog, we will elucidate the benefits of time tracker software development for varied businesses with essential feature integrations. We will also discuss how automated employee time tracking tools help in taking your organization’s workflow management game to new heights. 

Time tracker app development

Must-Have Features In Your Time Tracker Software


Long gone are the days when employee tracking tools would solely record the number of hours that people spent at the workplace. In the current era, contemporary time tracking applications have incessantly become versatile instruments with a myriad of useful functionalities. Here are some of the common, practical, and most-used features that you should consider inculcating in your time tracking software.


  • Timesheets


Timesheets essentially entails the attendance reports of employees. It shows all the information pertaining to billable hours such as present/absent, holidays, vacations, time off, and more.


  • Time Tracking


Time tracking is the core attribute of any workforce time management system. It monitors, captures, and keeps track of the total number of hours spent by employees at the workplace.


  • Project Management Features


Aside from time management and tracking, this kind of software typically has additional features and project management tools such as setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and monitoring overall progress like weekly/monthly goals, daily tasks, etc.


  • Reporting & Analytics


The capability to monitor, organize, interpret, and manage useful data is just as pivotal as collecting it. This is the reason why modern time tracking tools primarily encapsulate corresponding features like generating reports, charts, graphs, and so forth.


  • Automated Invoicing


Counting the total number of hours spent by employees and preparing related financial reports and invoicing is probably one of the most cumbersome tasks of team managers. However, modern time tracking software does that automatically and with minimal manual efforts. It can also be designed to send customized reports and invoicing to clients.


  • Managing Users


This feature enables project managers and team leaders to create teams, add/ remove users from any groups, assign dedicated projects and user roles to members, and more. Such systems have different user types and each has its own accessibility levels like – general user, editor, administrator, viewer, and so on.


  • Notifications


The time tracking management systems should have the ability to notify users every time something happens or any changes within the workflow process takes place. For instance, if the workday has already commenced and the employee has somehow forgotten to check in, or if any project deadline is approaching, a notification will ping and remind them.


  • Integrations With Other Tools


The time tracking application should be constructed such that it could seamlessly be integrated with other managerial tools. It subsequently helps enterprises to make their work processes a lot streamlined, faster, and easier. As a result, tasks like project management, accounting, payroll, and onboarding new members are immensely simplified.


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When Should You Opt For Time Tracker Development Services?


Time tracking helps enterprises and business owners understand project costs, determine which employees have available time, payout employees in accordance with the total work time, and plan new projects. As discussed, there is a myriad of features and potential integrations that can be inculcated in the software to ensure that all of these functionalities happen accurately and automatically. 


As you can contemplate, there are a lot of things that go inside building a top-notch workforce time management system. Here are some of the instances that necessitate why you should instantaneously consider availing of custom time tracker app development services. 


  • Your industry requirements are growing
  • Your industry and business processes are very specific and complex
  • Your current software doesn’t fully cater to your custom needs
  • You have some time to wait for building feature-rich time management systems from the ground up
  • You have the desired budget


Ensuring Flexibility With User-Friendly & Mobile-Responsive Features


We recommend that the time tracker app that you intend to build in accordance with your custom preferences should also be mobile responsive. Consider this feature vital and mandatory since it is now the new norm set by the present-day enterprises. With businesses running meticulously round the clock, it only makes things faster, seamless, and easier to access all the details from the comfort of a mobile device. 


With the time-tracking mobile application, all it takes is just a click to access real-time updates from anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Additionally, it also enables employees to log in and log off with much more flexibility and ease. Any time tracking and timesheet management system that fulfills these certain criteria is definitely worth the investment. 


Looking For Automated Time Tracker App Development Services For Your Business?


At Oodles Technologies, we provide custom workforce management solutions to businesses across various industries that are tailored to enhance employee productivity and amplify organizational efficiency. As an established ERP development company, we provide end-to-end enterprise-grade software development solutions ranging from human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), workforce planning, accounting & finance management, custom ERP integrations, and more. Our ERP experts develop personalized business solutions that furnish mobility and flexibility to scale up operational system requirements and enable comprehensive productivity, efficiency, and accessibility. If you are looking for automated time tracking app development services, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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