Magento PWA Benefits: Everything You Should Know

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 20-Sep-2022

What Are The Benefits of Magento PWA Development?


With the meteoric advancement of digitalization, customers are incessantly seeking smoother, secure, and more interactive online shopping experiences. The fierce market competition is a prominent signal for eCommerce stores to remain on their toes and augment customer experiences or lose their business to progressive competitors. 


According to Statista reports, in the past few years, nearly 73% of all eCommerce sales worldwide have been recorded on mobile devices. In other words, approximately three out of every four dollars spent online is through mobile phones or tablets. These statistics heavily stress on the importance of developing robust eCommerce websites that are highly responsive and mobile-optimized. 


However, as technology has monumentally evolved in the existing era, newer ways have emerged for e-retailers to enhance customer shopping experiences and Progressive Web Apps are indubitably one of them. PWAs are becoming increasingly popular amongst users considering their highly responsive UI as well as intuitive & interactive UX. PWA websites are secure, fast, responsible, reliable, and cross-browser compatible. They can also function offline and act like native applications on mobile devices.


In this context, Magento PWA has been the most sought-after platform for using, developing, and managing progressive web apps. This blog will elucidate the benefits of leveraging Magento PWA for your business and explain why it has captured so much attention and popularity among users today. So, let’s get started. 

Magento PWA Development

Understanding Magento PWA


Magento PWA set a set of developer tools for creating, designing, deploying, and managing a PWA storefront on top of Magento 2.3 or above. It uses cutting-edge tools and libraries to construct a framework that adheres to Magento’s extensibility principle such as PWA buildpack, Venia-UI, peregrine, and more.


Furthermore, Magento PWA Studio provides you with everything you need to build an intuitive and native-app-like progressive web application (PWA) storefront powered by Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce. It furnishes all-inclusive tools, components, extensions, and libraries to help you set up a full-scale development environment. 


Some of the prominent tools include:


  • Service Worker
  • Application Shell
  • GraphQL
  • Component Data Binding
  • CSS Modules
  • Client State, Reducers, and Actions
  • Performance Patterns
  • Container Extensibility


Benefits of Magento PWA 


Magento PWAs enable you to combine the merits of mobile applications with desktop browsing experiences. It brings together the speed and authenticity of online browsing and the features of native apps. 


In addition to this, as Adobe is dictating a lot of effort in devising and enhancing the technology, PWAs are gaining unprecedented traction in the world of eCommerce. So, let’s look at the top benefits of Magento PWAs for your business.


  1. Device agnosticism


The major advantage of Magento PWA development solutions is device agnosticism. In simpler terms, it means that such applications can seamlessly work on any browser or device, where users can easily navigate through an online store with any device they prefer.


  1. Built-in SEO capabilities


Magento PWA has built-in SEO features, which means businesses can optimize their store for search engines like Google and get higher conversion rates. 


As compared to native and hybrid mobile apps, this is essentially a superior advantage of choosing Magento PWAs. You can make your business even more discoverable using the right SEO practices, paid ads, and marketing activities. 


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  1. Page Builder


Another remarkable benefit of Magento PWA is Page Builder – which is readily available in Magento PWA Studio and it is even more advanced in terms of building neoteric online storefronts. Page Builder integration enables you to render CMS Pages with native content types. In another word, you can have more control over page elements and content.


  1. Easy and quick to install


While native applications are downloaded from app stores – PWAs on the other hand can be installed on any device through a web browser. Subsequently, it is not mandatory to download the PWA in order to efficaciously access the services via a web URL.


  1. Available on app stores


At the same time, you can also add PWAs to both Google Play Store as well as App Store. For that, there is no need to separately develop independent applications for iOS or Android. 


With attributes such as Trusted Web Activity, you can seamlessly convert any PWA into a native application within a few hours of timeframe. 


  1. Linkable


This is another significant attribute that PWAs share with websites. The availability of URI or Unified Resource Identifier allows retaining information and reloading its state. It means that users can share URLs with others, save links to your Magneto 2 PWA, and even reload the same pages that they saved in tabs. In such scenarios, progressive apps predominantly behave like traditional websites. 


  1. App-like functionality


Magento PWAs work beyond just the likes of website domains or browsers. They preeminently look and feel like native mobile apps and can be accessed without any hassles or regardless of the device type. This feature makes Magento 2 PWAs far more exclusive as compared to hybrid applications since the latter ones don’t always furnish a seamless user experience on all devices. 


  1. Offline operation


One of the greatest advantages of Magento 2 PWA is the capability to work offline. Even without an active internet connection, users can effortlessly access the product or information that they viewed online. Thanks to the pre-built cache system that saves all the details of the pages automatically.


  1. Security


Magento 2 PWAs offer high security, trust, privacy, and reliability. HTTPS protocols ensure data protection and safety from Magecart and man-in-the-middle attacks. It also prevents content tampering and precluding shopping.


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