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Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 29-Oct-2021

PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION (PWA) is the most advanced trend in the web development industry. They are growing popular daily as they make it effortless to build web applications with HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and CSS and provide web-based applications a native experience.


Native app store applications are capable of doing things like work offline, send push notifications, load on the home screen, and so on. Mobile Web Applications accessed in a mobile browser, by comparison, historically are far behind those things. Progressive Web Applications bring features we expect from native apps to the mobile browser experience that uses standards-based technologies and runs in a secure container accessible to anyone on the web.


PWA, Progressive Web Apps Business


Progressive Web Apps are on the roadmaps of many companies to modernize their website and adapt to users’ expectations.


On the whole, PWA describes a set of technologies, Web APIs, and design concepts that work in harmony to provide an app-like experience on your mobile web browser.


Before walking through some of the central tenets of Progressive Web Apps.

Let's have a look at some interesting trends and data acquired through google :



  • One of the top explanations behind uninstalling an application is the restricted stockpiling (though an introduced PWA generally takes under 1MB). 



According to these observations, we can clearly state that customers prefer applications that are

  • Fast
  • Installable
  • Reliable, and
  • Engaging

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PWA takes leverage of modern web features


PWA provides a set of best practices and modern Web APIs designed to meet customer needs by making your website fast, installable, reliable, and engaging.


For example, using Service Workers to cache your resources and perform predictive prefetching can make your site faster and more reliable. Making your website installable provides an easy way for your customers to access it directly from their home screen or application launcher. New APIs, such as web push notifications, can more easily re-engage users through personalized content to generate loyalty.


Understanding the Business Impact


  • Depending on your activity, there may be many definitions of business success:
  • Users spending more time on your service.
  • Reduced bounce rate of potential customers.
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • More repeated customers


The business impact of a Reliable Website 

When an application introduced from an application store is launched clients anticipate that it should open, whether or not they're connected to the internet. Progressive Web Apps ought to be the same.

At the very least, a straightforward disconnected page that tells the client the application isn't accessible without an organization association ought to be served. Then, at that point, consider making the experience a stride further by giving some usefulness that bodes well while disconnected. For instance, you could give admittance to tickets or tickets, disconnected lists of things to get, call focus contact data, articles or plans that the client has as of late saw, and so on

Web Apps Integration With Oodles!

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