How is Content Delivery Network Empowering OTT Streaming Service

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 21-Oct-2021


We are just a click away from exploring several horizons with the world at our fingertips, thanks to the internet! In our attempt to retain maximum users on a particular page on the internet, the website speed is of utmost necessity. And this is when CDN (Content Delivery Network) comes into consideration. With its availability spanning several geographical boundaries, CDN comes in handy to provide a fast loading speed of the web content to the users.


The server protects the master server from the local servers and handles the incoming traffic by speeding up the website loading time. CDN provides a rich OTT experience to the end-users by placing remote services in various parts of the world, providing fast-paced content delivery. CDN also forms the backbone of OTT platforms by defining the latency of the video streaming services. 


If you name one thing that immediately drives you away from an OTT platform? The chances are that would be high buffering time and slow streaming speed. The increased latency is one of the main factors that impact the viewing experience on any streaming OTT platform.


CDN for Video streaming

It's even crucial, considering that the demand for OTT and streaming services is increasing at a rapid pace. Also, if you thrive to build an OTT platform, it will attract traffic to the website from across the globe. Being relied on a single localized server to cater to all our viewers will undoubtedly affect the performance of your OTT platform services.

That's where CDN, Content Delivery Network, steps into the picture. 

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In this article, we'll dive deep into the concept of Content Delivery Network and explore its benefits for various streaming and OTT platforms services.


What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network or CDN contains a network of local proxy servers located in geographically scattered data centers. These proxy servers can store multiple content assets, such as video, captions, and audio. Whenever a user accesses an OTT platform, the proxy server closest to their location delivers the desired content.


It helps in reducing buffering and latency time, improving the overall viewing experience of the user. It also protects your OTT platform's origin/master server from swift traffic surges and unprovoked cyberattacks. Various CDN services also provide an additional layer called master/origin shield for added protection among the origin and proxy servers.


What are the Benefits of Using a Content Delivery Network for several OTT Platforms?

While CDNs have become the norm for almost all websites, they're particularly vital for video streaming. It's because streaming media content such as video, audio, video, Gif, etc., are resource-intensive. That makes it more exposed to buffer delays and slow loading speeds.


Are you still wondering whether investing in an OTT hosting platform with CDN service would be beneficial

Check out the following benefits of a CDN Content Delivery Network and make an acquainted decision.


  1. Improved User Experience

Increased buffering and streaming speed is the most significant advantage that CDN offers for an OTT streaming service. Irrespective of the location, it drastically reduces the loading time of the platform. A CDN also ensures that your OTT platform remains functional in the event of unexpected traffic spikes. 


Advanced CDNs can also cache various dynamic content, such as a user's viewing history, apart from storing static assets on proxy servers. 

Its benefits give us the liberty that, whenever a user logs into your platform or account, they can resume a video from the point where it was paused. All these factors contribute immensely towards enhancing the viewing experience, and ultimately, reduce the subscriber churn.

 2. Enhanced Security of the Platform

New-age content delivery networks (CDN) provide various security features, including bot detection, request limiting, and malware protection. It helps to protect your OTT platform from high cyberattacks. Also, expanding the number of proxy servers will significantly minimize the risk of DDoS attacks.

3. A Reliable OTT Performance

The distributed network of the proxy servers maintains a high uptime for your OTT platform. Even if the primary server malfunctions, viewers won't encounter any impediments or gaps in their streaming media service. Combined with the augmented security features, it ensures that your video streaming or OTT service is available round-the-clock.

4. Assured Scalability

CDN handles the unusual traffic spikes like a cakewalk. That's because the load is distributed across various local servers instead of just over the origin server. 


Furthermore, various CDN services provide add-on proxy servers during a traffic surge. It comes in handy for scaling your live streaming as well as your OTT platform. 


Oodles Helps You Build a Top-Notch OTT Platform with a Content Delivery Network


High-quality content isn't the only thing that'll attract users to your video streaming service. If you want to procure and maintain subscribers, you must deliver a swift and seamless viewing experience on your platform. 

Oodles Technologies helps you customize your live streaming and real-time video streaming capabilities for various programs, events, meetings, and more, with inherent elements such as chats and polls to vivify user experience and foster engagement. We provide reliable CDN services to enhance your OTT platform's scalability, reliability, and security. 


Drop us a line to launch your OTT app platform today. 

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