How D2M Technology Will Change The OTT Landscape

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 16-Aug-2022


D2M Technology And OTT Platforms


Direct To Mobile or D2M is a multimedia content broadcast technology that is steadily revolutionizing how we access digital media and OTT content online. It is essentially based on the convergence of the internet and video broadcasts and promises to enhance broadband consumption and spectrum utilization. D2M broadcasting enables live broadcast videos, sports, news, and forms of OTT content to be streamed directly on mobile devices without an active internet connection. 


While its feasibility is still under the stages of stringent testing, this technology incessantly pledges to furnish impeccable outcomes pertaining to how users can handle their data and stream digital content seamlessly. Using the powerful mixture of broadband and broadcasting, it can bring forward terrestrial digital TV experiences on your smartphones without actually using the internet. 


In this blog, we will explain D2M technology in detail and explain how it is all set to transfigure the OTT industry in profound ways. So, let’s get started.  

D2M and OTT application development

What is D2M technology?


The concept of novel D2M technology is lot identical to the functioning of FM radio, where the receiver in the device can efficaciously tap into the radio frequencies. As mentioned earlier, the tech is primarily a strategic blend of broadband and broadcast, using which mobile devices can capture territorial digital TV signals. Using D2M, multimedia content can be seamlessly and directly beamed to mobile phones. 


The sole idea behind this technology is that it can be used potentially to directly broadcast content related to user-centric information and can be leveraged further to offer assistance in disaster management, counter fake news, and issue emergency alerts, among other things. Apart from that, D2M can also be used for broadcasting real-time events such as live news, sports, music concerts, and more on mobile phones. More so, with this technology, digital media content can be streamed without any buffering or internet data consumption.


The Impact of D2M on Users and Businesses


For users, a technology like D2M would mean that they can leverage the ability to access any multimedia content from OTT or VOD content platforms without having to exhaust their internet data, and more importantly, at a much more economical cost. 


For businesses, one of the core advantages of the technology is that it can allow telecom service providers to efficiently offload video traffic from their respective mobile networks onto the broadcast network, thereby, helping them to decongest the mobile spectrum. Furthermore, this will also augment the utilization of the mobile spectrum and clear up overall bandwidth which will ultimately aid in increasing the data speed, reducing call drops, and more. 


Why It Is The Right Time To Invest In OTT App Development?


OTT has swiftly emerged as an unmissable trend that holds the potential of transcending boundaries to reach global viewers and transform the conventional video streaming experience. With this, it is the right time for businesses irrespective of their size or location – to tap into the colossal potential of OTT app development services. Moreover, they can align their monetization and marketing strategies with on-demand video streaming to reinvent revenue models and reach out to a wider & more targeted audience base. Here are some of the many benefits that OTT platform development furnishes to businesses seeking to leapfrog the tremendous competition:


  • Increased reach with any time and anywhere streaming access across a plethora of devices
  • Enhanced ad-based, pay-per-view-based, and subscription-based revenue models
  • Augmented profit with subsequently rising subscriptions


Nevertheless, building a feature-rich OTT and video streaming platform is a must for businesses looking to break the barriers to conventional viewing. We highly recommend performing initial market research, building your content repository, and choosing an apt business model (SVOD/TVOD/AVOD/Hybrid models) before you make any investment decisions. 


Also, look out for strategic customization possibilities so that any additional or industry-specific features and integrations can be seamlessly added by the development team. We have mentioned some of the most sought-after features that you can consider inculcating in your OTT and video streaming platform: 


  • Video library management
  • Audience analytics
  • Smart search
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Watchlist 
  • Video recommendations
  • Multiple content categorization
  • Easy customization options
  • Multi-language support


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OTT and D2M: Presenting Numerous Opportunities In Combination


D2M technology is yet to showcase its full potential, however, the projected use cases look promising. It is not only designed to solve the existing challenges of the OTT and VOD platforms but also extend viable solutions to users and businesses alike in terms of usability and accessibility of reaching digital media content in an offline mode. It will indubitably help users in places with limited or no internet access – even they will be able to seamlessly watch video content. 


This technology can also be leveraged by schools, colleges, and universities, especially in remote each with poor data connectivity. It will enable students in such areas to access quality educational content without having to wait for a longer period of time for the content to load and without having to pay hefty data consumption fees.


Looking For OTT App Development Services For Your Business?


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