Augmented Reality Integration: A Must For Retail Businesses

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 28-Jul-2021


Augmented Reality Integration: A Must For Retail Businesses


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impacted the way businesses sell and operate, retailers must adapt to the changed reality instead of expecting situations to ‘return to normal’ any time soon.

Moreover, adapting to the current scenarios also requires offering impeccable customer experiences, since the prolonged lockdown & restrictions have changed the way users behave. Augmented reality is the solution that will assist offline and online retailers to furnish insightful customer service. Fortunately, in order to integrate AR functionality into your retail business, it is no longer necessary to build it from scratch. You can rather leverage the existing AR technology for integrating augmented objects into your Android, iOS, or web applications.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of optimizing your retail business with Augmented Reality app development services.

AR app development in retail
Reasons Why AR App Development Will Help Your Retail Business

The impact of AR on retail has been monumental and has extended a lot of benefits to the industry. From streamlining the operational process to making the shopping simpler and hassle-free for users (both offline and online), AR in retail is altogether a very different ball game. Here are some of the major advantages of AR applications development for the retail industry.

  • Ease of trials

Patiently waiting for your turn outside the trial room can be exceedingly time-consuming and exhausting. Therefore, the installation of virtual mirrors helps you simplify and find out the perfect size of the clothes you like. With a digital screen right in front of you, you can seamlessly see and analyze how apparel is fitting and looking on your body. All in all, it is a perfect example of how AR technology plays a crucial role in retail.

You can also use AR for providing intuitive online shopping experiences to your prospective and existing customers. For instance, while shopping for a pair of sunglasses, the AR-powered application will scan your face in order to place the selected item on your digital reflection. 

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  • Merging online shopping with traditional retailing

Shopping is considered as an amusing and fun activity. With a huge population and so many retail stores, it often becomes jarring to shop for the right commodities. One of the prime advantages of AR in eCommerce is that it reflects and translates the same ‘fun’ feeling of the traditional shopping approach minus the never-ending waiting lines and inventory costs.

  • Personalization of user content

Retails mostly customize content to best meet varied customer needs and expectations. You might have noticed retail shops filtering out relatable content for you so you can look for desired items without wasting a lot of your time. This is now being implemented in several other ways. Another neoteric technology reckoned as Virtual Reality or VR is also rendered for shopping and functional enhancements. Together, they offer an extensive range of retail and AR VR app development solutions.

  • Dissipation of language barriers

Despite having so many languages around the world, there still exist certain barriers, however, they are momentary. With platforms such as Google Translate AR mode, you can find your native language among 40 different foreign languages. Key highlights and features of AR-based shopping applications include and channelize in such a way that it is either location-specific or, it helps you understand the services via AR & AI tools. Even in the case of printed catalogs, the AR content inculcated in it will assist you to select a language as per your convenience. 

  • Earn better ROI

Augmented Reality is indubitably a modern-day technology that is undergoing frequent changes and upgrades. Any m-commerce or e-commerce retail that offers such facilities will definitely earn significantly higher than the competitors who aren’t using it. AR Application development and its integration in the retail sector has become a mandatory and most sought-after trend these days. Nevertheless, in the existing era, developing an AR-based application for any industry has also become convenient and cost-effective.

What Is The Future of AR App Development in Retail?

AR has already marked its solid presence into all segments and sectors of the retail industry. To face the challenges presented by the pandemic, retailers must put their efforts into furnishing users with contactless product discovery and minimizing physical contacts at offline retail stores using AR. Undoubtedly, augmented reality can add colossal value for customers in their overall shopping journey and physical retail must transform and evolve in response. It is high time that business owners re-imagine their operations and workflows and extend intuitive & immersive shopping experiences to users, which is the ultimate future of AR integration in retail. 

If you are looking for AR/VR app development solutions or seeking to implement AR functionalities in your business, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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