AR VR App Development: How Can It Benefit SMEs

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 06-Sep-2021


AR VR App Development: How Can It Benefit SMEs


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have stirred a ripple of excitement and spark among businesses in recent years. As this neoteric technology is progressively maturing, SMEs actively adopt and leverage augmented reality’s benefits, including a lifelike immersive experience. Although the AR/VR concept is still in its emerging stage, it has begun making a colossal impact on private lives and businesses. 

In this article, we have outlined the merits of virtual and augmented reality app development and how it helps industries in ensuring targets and sales.

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A Brief Overview of AR VR Applications

Augmented reality and virtual reality provide small and medium businesses with a series of benefits and opportunities. The intuitive technologies are already transfiguring medicine, design, and architecture; and the possibilities for startups and growing businesses are profound. They furnish a new route for demonstrating products and services and even have the potential to revolutionize how companies develop prototypes, manage operations, and train staff.

Tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung have poured billions of dollars into developing intuitive and next-gen AR VR apps.

Although AR and VR appear identical and share multiple features, both these technologies have prominent differences. Virtual reality takes the users in the virtual world while separating them from the physical or real-world scenarios while augmented reality inserts virtual objects into the real world in order to augment the user’s experience. 

VR needs proximity of a powerful device or PC while AR enables users to move freely in the existing physical world without stressing about PCs. Moreover, VR gadgets are system-dependent while AR devices are significantly autonomous.

The amalgamation of both these technologies can offer impressive benefits and results to businesses irrespective of their size or nature. 

The Possibilities of AR Applications

Research suggests that nearly 71% of customers prefer shopping more often from a retail store with AR applications and 41% of them agreed to pay more if AR was an integral part of their shopping experience. 

Whether these AR experiences enable buyers to digitally “try on” clothes at the comfort of their homes or get insights and additional designer details by pointing their mobile devices at any items in the store, we have only just commenced tapping the potential of enhancing customer’s purchasing journeys. 

Not only is the potential ROI on AR app development lucrative but barriers to entry are also quite low. Almost every buyer has a smartphone, with a majority of the mobile devices doubling as effective and accessible AR devices. 

Highly scalable and future-focussed AR technology syncs with the present-day mobile devices, often integrating with the camera. The data is then collectible through analytics software at the same time, enabling you to evaluate and monitor click-through rates and engagement during the AR experience.

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Leveraging AR For SMEs

For all its potential, there are multiple ways to use AR for small businesses and the associated customers essentially receive something of value. The correct implementation and usage of AR necessitate communicating crucial information to assist customers along the purchase journey while also solving real problems.

When selecting how to employ AR, business owners and entrepreneurs must define specific objectives and concurrent outcomes. 

The sole focus shouldn’t just be incorporating AR applications but also assisting your brand strategically. The seamless development and integration of AR apps have proven to provide value for businesses. 

The Transformation of Retail Space and VR

Not long ago, the usage of virtual reality for SMEs was considered deliberately impractical not only because of the technology’s price but also for the headset limitations. Well, that is changing now. For instance, Dell is exuberant especially about the opportunities of VR for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With a wider rate of adoption, it is becoming increasingly economical for SMEs to jump on board. 

Experimenting its way, Dell has been delivering immersive systems and integrating VR graphics, imaging, and processing power into its PCs. 

Nevertheless, while the application of virtual reality in the film space appears to be intuitive, experts predict that within a few years, the media and entertainment industries will be just a small segment for commercial AR and VR technology.

Evaluating The Benefits of VR

Just like AR, the merits and possibilities of VR for SMEs are also endless. If you can envision and imagine as a startup and small business owner, it can definitely happen. 

For instance, the real estate industry is already leveraging the benefits of VR, as the technology enables users to experience 3D walkthroughs of the listed properties.

Similarly, it assists businesses to show workspaces or homes to potential buyers before they are even constructed or designed. Moreover, it has also transformed online shopping experiences, made prototyping more accessible and affordable, and change the way enterprises train their employees. 

Summing Up

Whether you have just started to think about incorporating new tools and availing AR VR App development services for your business, it will indubitably project endless opportunities and deliver great results for your business. 

Engaging with augmented reality and virtual reality applications is something that every business owner should think about. If you are looking for custom mobile app development services with AR/VR integration, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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