The Importance of Integrating Real Time Features In Your App

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 25-Aug-2021


The Importance of Integrating Real-Time Features In Your App


Integrating real-time features in your mobile application is no longer an option but a necessity. Most enterprise-grade apps are equipped with features such as real-time feed, push notifications, tracking live order status, and instant messaging capabilities. The real-time technology delivers the required info and details to the users in an actual-time scenario.

This custom attribute has made itself evident in web and mobile app development solutions in the past few years to a significant extent. In this article, we will discuss why integrating your mobile and web applications with real-time features is so crucial for establishing a reliable and convenient conversation.

Real-Time Feature mobile app development
Benefits of Building Real-Time Web and Mobile Apps

Businesses must consider the following advantages and add real-time features to their apps:


  • Mobile apps with real-time attributes can initiate a greater degree of user engagement. These features allow applications to replicate real-world behavior. For instance, users can seamlessly handle multiple tasks simultaneously such as chatting with friends while booking a cab.
  • Via real-time technology integration, one can connect with other users of the app in a natural way. For instance, one can message online, follow friends, and share live locations online using these applications.
  • Real-time features further enable developers to emphasize more on the core competencies of the app. They include intuitive features of inbuilt apps, upgraded user interface, interactive user experience, and more.
  • With the availability of cloud computing solutions, the developers need not stress about costs associated with maintenance and other expenses while making these features available to app users. 

Some Of The Widely-Used Real-Time Features That You Can Integrate Into Your Mobile App

We have compiled some of the top real-time attributes that your application can have:


  • Real-time feed
  • Push notifications
  • Integration with IoT devices
  • Real-time messaging
  • Live streaming

Real-time Feed

This functionality is already available on a majority of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When you integrate real-time feed in your business applications, your end users can tremendously benefit from it.

With any new content that you share or publish on your platforms, the associated user-base stays updated with it. In this process, they do not miss out on any important updates.

Push notifications 

Push notifications are a crucial aspect of both web and mobile application development solutions. Subsequently, when you intend to make the users aware of the latest products or features of the app, this mechanism and attribute come very handy.

In order to enhance the retention rate, keeping the user base updated with the latest news and update, businesses today strategically use push notifications. 

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Integration with IoT devices

In the past few years, real-time technologies such as WebSocket and COMET have evolved and are increasingly being used in mobile apps. IoT or the Internet of Things is another essential feature that can fine-tune and amplify the experience of the end-users. Here’s how IoT mobile app development solutions work:


  • Firstly, the IoT devices or sensors gather the data from the available sources
  • WiFi or cellular network is used to transfer this data to cloud storage
  • Once it is available in the cloud systems, advanced IoT software evaluates this data 
  • Users receive this evaluated data as the final product

In case if the transferred info is incorrect, the users get alerts via emails, text messages, or app notifications. 

Real-Time Messaging

It is an undeniable fact that users want to communicate faster and effectively. Altogether, it makes real-time messaging an indispensable attribute in mobile applications. It is for this reason that web and mobile app developers are focusing so much on real-time messaging, that forms the backbone of instant messaging in applications.

With interactive messengers, users can share all types of information, files & documents, and also engage in video calls, group chats, voice calls, and so on.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming app development has become one of the most sought-after trends in the media and entertainment industry. It enables mobile apps to create and share data with users in order to foster deep engagement and interactions. Live streaming is also a vital aspect to integrate when developing a gaming app.

Nevertheless, industries such as logistics, real estate, and transportation are also integrating this feature in their apps.

Wrapping Up

The core objective of integrating real-time features in web and mobile applications is to offer effective and immersive data to users. The timing of transferring the data is nearly the same as it takes place in the real world. 

Evidently, real-time messaging app development and web conferencing solutions have strengthened the communication process to a substantial extent. If you are looking for custom mobile app development services or seeking to avail video conferencing app development solutions, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.


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