An Informative Guide To Building Music Streaming Apps

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 23-Aug-2021


An Informative Guide To Building Music Streaming Apps


Mobile applications have transfigured the way we listen to music. Today, there is a myriad of music streaming apps on Google Play and the App Store. Applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have become the most popular platforms among users. 

With tons of features and easy accessibility, the music streaming apps have aced the personalization segment and have garnered millions of active user-base. Thanks to the availability of advanced music streaming app development services. The business model, monetization schemes, and game-changing attributes have given financial muscles to the digital media service providers. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of music streaming app development solutions. Let’s get started.

Music Streaming App Development
Music Streaming Services Market Overview

Because of the convenience and functionality that streaming apps are bringing to the users, their popularity is on the constant rise. Let’s consider the following statistics:


  • The global music streaming industry is expected to grow $10 billion by 2023
  • The average revenue generated per user is $26
  • Apple claims that more than 60 million users pay for Apple Music subscription
  • Spotify has acquired a total of 36% market share of music streaming subscribers

With such promising data, if you are wondering how to build a music streaming app for your own business, we’ve got you covered. At Oodles Technologies, we provide music and video streaming app development services to content creators and businesses. To know more about our solutions, keep on reading.

Types of Music Streaming Services

Majorly, there are three types of most widely used music streaming services: On-Demand Music Streaming (also known as music library), Radio, and Cloud Storage. Let’s understand them in more detail.


  1. On-Demand Music Streaming Services

Music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music are some of the most popular examples of on-demand music streaming. If you are seeking to build one for your business, you have to build a server-based music library. With it, you can upload millions of songs and media tracks and limit its accessibility to users according to your own terms and conditions. It can be further bifurcated to paid subscriptions and Freemium models. 

  1. Radio Stations

Unlike on-demand music streaming apps, Radio Stations do not permit users to play and listen to songs on-demand. Instead, these stations have virtual DJs that pick and play media songs in order which can be further tuned as per your preferences. Some of the best presenters of radio applications are iHeartRadio, Shoutcast, and Pandora. 

The radio station apps can not play on-demand songs because of the licensing agreements. Moreover, these applications are fairly low-priced as compared to that of on-demand music streaming apps.


  1. Cloud Storage

In Cloud Storage music streaming apps, you can provide your users with audio file hosting capabilities. It means that users can use the application to upload music files, stream audio, and share it with other users. In other words, you will be a cloud storage service provider for back-up songs. Some of the famous cloud storage market players that permit their users to save their online music catalog are Google Play, Groove Music, AudioBox, and CloudPlayer.

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Key Features To Build A Music Streaming App

In order to build and deliver your own music streaming solutions, you need to inculcate features that would boost user stickiness, accessibility, and convenience. We have mentioned some of the essential music streaming app features below:


  • User Registration: It is a must-have feature that allows users to build their own virtual music room in your app. Through social media logins like Google and Facebook, you can make this process of login/signup significantly easier and faster. Other options and data like mobile number, email address, and password combinations are also crucial.
  • My Profile: Once the login/signup is complete, users should be able to edit their profile, add music preferences, languages, manage subscriptions, and more.
  • Discover Music: Enable your users to search and browse music of their own choice by using filters such as album, song, movie, artist, genre, mood, lyrics, etc.
  • Voice Search: This feature is also vital as it allows your users to search for various music through voice.
  • Offline Availability: When your users do not have an active internet connection, this feature will allow them to play a song even when they are offline.
  • Social Sharing: With this feature, users can share their music and playlists with their friends and other users on social media.
  • Personalization: It is an advanced feature in which the music streaming applications learn about user choices and offer personalized suggestions such as ‘Recommended For You’ or ‘Recently Played Music’.
  • Purchase Subscriptions: Based on your business model, you can offer premium, freemium, or monthly/annual subscription packages to access limited or unlimited songs.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: In order to purchase subscription services, allow your users to make online payments via trusted and secure payment gateways and modes.
  • Notifications and Updates: To retain your users and make them keep coming back to you, send them notifications of new music releases, live events, and more.
  • Rating & Review: Based on the user's experience in context with using your music streaming app, you can request them to leave reviews and ratings.
  • Help & Support: Users should be able to seek and get online support and should be able to check FAQs, terms of use, privacy policy, and more.

Create A Music Streaming App With Oodles Technologies

We, as a music and video streaming app development company, have assisted businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop media apps with an omnichannel experience and customized features. 

If you want to develop music or video streaming app from scratch or looking to avail Video on Demand/ VOD app development services, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will help you develop robust and intuitive media streaming applications using advanced tools and technologies. 


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