A Detailed Overview Of OTT Content Management Systems

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 23-Nov-2022

OTT Content Management Systems: Here's What You Need To Know


When it comes to OTT streaming, digital media content is indubitably the king. However, organizing, managing, and broadcasting videos can often be evidently strenuous for platforms that own a colossal amount of multimedia content waiting to be streamed online. The task is even more mountainous when the prospective audience base is mammoth-sized. 


So, in this fast-paced video streaming industry, how can businesses efficiently manage content without compromising on delivering engaging, interactive, and high-quality user experiences? The answer is a robust content management system. A trusted and reliable OTT CMS can subsequently lift the burden off your shoulders by simplifying content management, distribution, and online video streaming on a real-time basis.  


In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed overview of OTT content management systems and elucidate the benefits of having a multi-faceted OTT CMS in place for your video streaming business. So, let’s get started.

OTT Content Management System

Understanding OTT CMS


A video content management system (CMS) is solely designed for streaming service providers to store, manage, and organize video content efficaciously and securely through a centralized dashboard. Video content management platforms streamline video processing by encapsulating a central repository of specialized features to publish, schedule, and monetize content. 


Oftentimes, many organizations assume that they can leverage their existing storage devices and network servers to house their online video content. However, this strategy can lead to causing a host of problems because even a relatively small video file can surpass the limitations of common file-sharing systems. This is exactly where cost-effective OTT content management systems come into play.


Content management systems are typically built into online video streaming applications to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. VOD CMS makes it relatively easy to organize multimedia content, especially as your library increases. 


Furthermore, it is common for such platforms to partner with trusted content delivery networks or CDNs to ensure reliable content delivery and high-quality video streaming. An enterprise-grade OTT CMS makes tagging, sorting, and organizing large-scale content libraries fairly easy. 


Merging a full-featured OTT platform with a robust video CMS is the equivalent of an organizational version of Vimeo or YouTube. These professional service offerings furnish exponentially better management, distribution, security, and content monetization capabilities. 


Why is video CMS crucial for every OTT business?


As we all know, OTT has marched past the conventional boundaries of media and entertainment. A multitude of industries and business sectors across the world have inclined toward cutting the cords to offer niche-focused video content to their audiences. 


Now, since video streaming has become a pivotal part of global organizations, there arises an utmost need to smartly maneuver their multimedia content to success. And this can be materialized only through a secure, professional, and ever-ready content management system in place.


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Top features to look for in OTT content management systems


  • Video API access


Video management services that offer video API access enable organizations to integrate platform features easily into an expansive range of cloud video applications and create their own custom experiences. 


Proper documentation is provided for both video content management and video player APIs, allowing developers to add new features to existing networks, enhance mobile live streaming apps, or architect their own custom video CMS systems.


  • Bulk uploading 


As many video CMS platforms usually support uploading a single video file at a time, bulk upload tools can prove to be a colossal time saver. With FTP integrations, you don’t have to fret about dropped wi-fi or other network interruptions hindering the uploading process.


Nevertheless, if you produce a lot of video content, an OTT CMS with bulk uploading features is a must-have. 


  • Video library organization


Having a massive video library is worthless if you don’t have any proper means to organize it. The highlight here is to look out for attributes such as tags for indexing, categories & sub-categories for cataloging, video embedding, and smart playlists for better content organization.


  • Video encoding


For video distribution, it is imperative to include multi-bitrate encoding and transcoding options whenever you are hosting video content for global users. This means creating many copies of each uploaded video content in a plethora of quality levels and streaming formats.


Using video encoding ensures that the best performance and quality are achieved to be delivered to users irrespective of the location, bandwidth, or device type.


  • Video privacy & security


Maintaining the privacy and security of your video content is extremely important. OTT CMS includes various must-have features such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) and AES encryption to maintain the integrity, privacy, and security of the videos at the highest level. 


Moreover, secure HTTPS delivery of all HTML5 video content is also provided for optimum browser compatibility.


The advantages of using an OTT CMS


  • Low setup costs and no maintenance fees
  • Faster loading times on your platform
  • Ability to add new features anytime without downtime or disruption
  • Reduced hosting costs
  • More control over layout and design
  • Reduced development time
  • Less effort to update content since all changes are made in one place
  • Increased flexibility and scalability  
  • Ability to construct custom workflows for various types of content
  • Seamless and easy to use
  • Mobile responsive platforms
  • Integration with third-party apps for accounting, CRM, etc
  • Drag-and-drop features for platform customization
  • Access to user analytics
  • Easy to update, manage, and maintain your platform
  • Automatic updates
  • Streamline operational workflow
  • Stringent security checks to keep your platform secure


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