A Detailed Guide To Metaverse Tourism and Hospitality

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 13-Sep-2022

Tourism and Hospitality In The Metaverse


Imagine checking all the boxes on your destination bucket list – those exorbitant dream vacations where you ride a gondola down a canal in Venice or stand at the base of the forgotten Pompeii city. 


Thanks to emerging technologies such as the metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and edge computing, the realization of life-like and immersive virtual travel experiences is here. In the metaverse, the technical prowess of XR can enable people to seamlessly interact and explore destinations & resorts they have always dreamt of visiting. 


Moreover, when it comes to fruition, the metaverse is going to significantly revolutionize our lives in profound ways, just like the internet did since its inception. Subsequently, virtual tourism would lead to a potential surge in access to almost any global location, enhanced entertainment, and personalized guest experiences. Who knows, you might get to virtually hug family and friends on the other side of the world instead of just waving them hello through a screen – the metaverse is full of endless possibilities and opportunities.


In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how the tourism & hospitality industry will witness a gargantuan shift in their operations, business processes, and revenue with constant innovations in the metaverse. So, let’s get started.

Metaverse tourism and hospitality

The Impact of The Metaverse on Tourism & Hospitality


The benefits and opportunities that the metaverse solutions furnish to the travel and hospitality sector are truly remarkable. Without a doubt, business operations in the virtual world are swiftly amplifying the current capabilities of enterprises in this field. 


For now, you can be assured that the virtual travel experiences in the metaverse will not profoundly affect or alter the figures of physical vacation bookings. In fact, it is all set to offer a new instrument for the travel industry to connect seamlessly with its customers. 


Moreover, metaverse tourism is enabling businesses to augment the travel experiences of customers by utilizing the capabilities of virtual travel and allowing them to relish real-life-like travel experiences in the comfort of their homes. Users can leverage metaverse solutions for attending a multitude of events such as:


  • Attend conventions
  • Museum tours
  • Explore casinos
  • Theme park tour
  • Hotel tour
  • Compare restaurants & pubs
  • Visit heritage sites
  • Attend live concerts


In addition to this, the metaverse has also unbolted various other activities such as comparing services of different hotels and restaurants. For instance, you can opt for virtual tours of several hotels within the metaverse to find a better selection for your vacation. The objective and cope of metaverse tourism also allow users to collaborate and interact with a plethora of hospitality brands. 


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Potential Advantages of Tourism in The Metaverse


While it is critical to contemplate and understand the ways in which metaverse tourism is enabling the massive digital transformation of the industry, business owners and related decision-makers also need to have a solid awareness of its tangible benefits. 


  • Encourage tourism-related purchases


A major plus point in relation to the core concept of metaverse tourism is the way it can aid to extend incomparable inspiration and originality for virtual tourists. For instance, immersive and interactive virtual experiences can efficaciously recreate real-world environments and allow travelers to have a clear picture of what they might expect whenever they pay a visit to a particular destination.


The same principle can be applied to hotels as well as transportation systems, with VR experiences assisting potential travelers and guests to understand what hotels and guest houses have to offer or how long the entire journey will take. Ultimately, this means that the metaverse can altogether help to encourage and inspire tourists whilst also enabling them to complete a booking or purchase. 


  • Augment the booking experience


Aside from extending inspiration, metaverse development services for tourism have the potential to monumentally enhance the booking process by offering valuable details & insights that can not be delivered accurately in other ways. This consummately makes it more probable that a customer will finish their purchase or booking journey, instead of backing out. 


For instance, hotels can leverage 3D digital avatars and VR tours to allow users to actually walk around a hyper-realistic recreation of their property, grabbing a sense of what facilities are on offer and how big the rooms are. In addition to this, travel agents can also use VR tours to facilitate life-like experiences for users with locations that they intend to visit.


  • Boost booking value


Typically, the real value of metaverse tourism offerings amid any booking process and the cardinal purpose of virtual travel businesses is to increase overall booking volumes. This occurs because of the coalescence of the two factors stated above. 


Moreover, as customers gain inspiration from augmented virtual reality technologies in the metaverse, the actual experience of booking restaurant tables, hotel rooms, or similar services becomes more insightful, enjoyable, and useful as a tool for reinforcing purchase decisions.


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Will Travel in the Metaverse Boost Travel & Hospitality Businesses?


While it is too early to anticipate the full-blown impact, business owners and entrepreneurs across the hospitality industry as well as hotel professionals are realizing several ways in which the true potential of metaverse solutions can be harnessed. Hoteliers are keeping a close tab on metaverse updates & tech innovations and discovering ways to leverage their platform to help enhance their:


  • Revenue management techniques
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Guest experiences
  • Day-to-day operation procedures


There are also a ton of digital marketing opportunities for travel and hospitality businesses to explore and implement in the metaverse, including the ability to:


  • Run product placements
  • Purchase ad placements
  • Offer brand NFTs to purchase
  • Host virtual concerts and events
  • Create customized metaverses


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