Leveraging Metaverse Services For Academic Training And Education

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 05-Sep-2022


Training & Education In The Metaverse


The metaverse has already engrossed real estate companies, fashion brands, banks, event planners, and several other institutions. It is now reinforcing its virtual prowess in the education sector, slowly and steadily.


Tech enthusiasts and experts believe that the metaverse has all the potential to become the core essence of learning. Metaverses will help students to augment their learning journey by leaps and bounds, furnishing them with interactive and immersive learning experiences.


Imagine a virtual classroom where teachers and students are present in a digital environment, although miles apart, with the help of VR headsets. The teacher can take the students on an immersive virtual tour where they can see planetary bodies and cosmic objects in hyper-realistic 3D space. Subsequently, students can examine the surface, witness atmospheric changes on a planet, and ask questions to know more about it with their instructor, present in the form of their customized 3D avatars. Well, this is inherently what the future of education and academic training will potentially look like in the metaverse. 


In this blog, we will shed some light on how metaverse services are emerging as key enablers for profound businesses and organizations to offer immersive and realistic user experiences and digital services. So, let’s get started. 

Metaverse services for education

A New Way To Teach & Learn Within The Metaverse


The new generation of smart wearables and gadgets such as AR devices and VR headsets open the portals to the metaverse. Head-mounted VR displays incessantly engulf the senses and extend an unrivaled feel of embodied presence. Here, users can move freely through various 3D scenarios and communicate with the world around them with their hands and gestures, similar to our real lives. 


Technologies such as AR/VR engage the brain’s motor systems and are helpful in building muscle memory. 


Just like flight simulations prepare pilots for unforeseen weather conditions and emergency landings, VR can be leveraged to train anything from fire fighting to farming skills. Skills and technical abilities that play to the unique strengths of the metaverse inculcate spatial training such as the involvement of hands and body for certain tasks that are too inconvenient, expensive, dangerous, or simply impossible to practice and learn in real life. 


Other prominent examples include simulating scenarios for abnormal as well as routine operations, stressful workplace situations, emergency responses, high consequence events, and critical procedures – all within a controlled and safe environment that can later be repeated until it eventually becomes second nature.


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Reasons Why The Metaverse Can Impact Learning, Training, and Capability Building


  • Learn and interact within an immersive virtual campus


The metaverse facilitates an engaging and immersive campus life, where learners with VR headsets step into the virtual campus or university to explore, learn, and socialize. For instance, in such digital environments, students can delve into a myriad of learning pods, meet counselors and coaches, visit breakout rooms and libraries, and hang out with peers from geographically dispersed locations.


  • Enhance real-world skills in hybrid environments


The metaverse offers embodied, experiential skilling opportunities utilizing real-world scenarios and high-tension situations, where learners can make mistakes without consequences. When architected strategically well, it amalgamates VR with spatial design and data science to boost learners’ confidence, engagement, and application. Some of the benefits of training in metaverse include:


  1. Experiential learning
  2. Deliberate practice
  3. State-dependent learning


  • Explore a distinct world with storytelling and visualization


Storytelling and visualization are predominantly two hallmarks of metaverse learning experiences and are much needed in the existing post-pandemic era and after the profusion of monotonous and boring Zoom experiences. Stepping into metaworlds enables seamless visualization of scenarios as well as complex development challenges. 


For instance, a learner can use metaverse gadgets and devices to examine a street transformation in South Africa or explore and experience life in a clean, green smart city. With the help of bite-sized 360 degrees narratives, virtual tours, stories, and visualizations, students ‘enter’ pivotal global development challenges including urban development, climate change, public health, international trade, and more.


  • Boost accessibility for students and trainees with disabilities


The metaverse holds tremendous potential and promises to enhance social and educational access for learners with disabilities. For instance, an immersive environment provides users with special needs, autism, disabilities, and social interaction issues the ability to augment their job and interpersonal skills such as shelving products at a retail store, visiting a shopping mall or a grocery shop, or loading goods in a truck. 


Through metaverse wearables and gadgets powered with the capabilities of AR/VR technology, they can practice such skills and interact with one another within a safe environment without feeling anxious or overwhelmed.


  • Build human capabilities in difficult or interpersonal situations


Training employees or staff for soft skills such as leadership, communication, listing, and empathy is difficult to achieve or measure. Metaverse enterprise solutions facilitate this by immersing learners and trainees in real-world scenarios, conflicts, and situations as well as allowing them to practice their soft skills in safe environments. 


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