How to Improve Manual Testing Skills

Posted By : Sakshi Dewan Gandhi | 31-Oct-2017

Testing processes, it is not actually a job. For Example, you are in a manual testing profile. After some point of time, we kindof stop finding any more bugs lets say may be abutted 2 years later. It's not at all that the work is complete, it's this that we need to renovate our skills and its time to learn something new.

Testing is such a challenging task as we face continuous requirement changes and changes in the software environment. In fact, the timely input can help us save from any problem.


The following tips can be fruitful if we have to improve our manual testing skills.


1. Have a distraction-free place for performing Testing


A lot of reasoning and analytical skills are required for testing a software. We can make it possible by keeping us away from various disturbing elements. Headphones can good friends when you need to concentrate. It can help you cover making the maximum test cases.

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2. Make a habit of thinking of everything you see every now and then

Not just Testing but our daily activities help us improve our analytical skills to a huge extent. Inculcating habit of observing things more and more better to get to the conclusion can help with testing as well.

When we are practicing observing,  perception making activities then we are more likely to get the most correct conclusions amongst all.


3. Our Interest should be diversified and varied

Nowadays, A Quality Assurance Engineer is expected to have multiple domains running than just his own project domains, to know about the software better. This in turn not only helpful for the person himself but also to the project. Also, If we are talking about the development of any project, QA should be well aware of the life cycle process, product specifications, its analysis, its programming and then the testing skills of course.


4. Mind and Strategy Games helps a lot in sharpening your abilities

While you are working towards your improving manual testing skills, then include games like which improve the strategy, analytical skills. There are certain games for solving some puzzles, finding a pattern, lost and found, finding a pattern etc which definitely helps in improving our focus and alertness towards a current issue.

After practicing such things and putting efforts into sharpening the skills we'll see that bugs could be found in no time, ultimately helping us to excel in the manual testing tasks.


5. Keep practicing a lot of Pattern-Forming exercises

To activate the alert behavior while testing you need to keep interest in pattern forming games. For Example, if we are given away with two pieces of code having very little difference then this type of approach will help to find bugs more effectively, conclusions can be drawn in very less time period.

When there is a hugs amount of information and it is not possible to cram all the facts then these type of approaches helps a lot.


6. Breaks are essential, not only mental but Physical too

We are not recommending long breaks to get out of focus, but smaller refreshing breaks to work in a better way. It can be as simple as relaxing for a minute while sitting, going for an indoor 10-15 min game so that the mind gets the recharge.

Testing Process can be effective by making sensible use of such breaks rather than getting out of focus. Thinking Process is changed and works quality getts better. Finding out bugs on the same screen could be more fun if changing the perspective every time you are done with the previous one.


Get to understand the project as best as possible to have the crystal clear understanding of it, its use. Trying to expand the horizons helps a lot for testing as by getting to know about all the dimensions of the project other than testing as well. Last but not the least be an exploratory tester to dig into the project deeper and deeper.


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