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Wowza is a leading media streaming server which excels in live and on-demand audio/video streaming at any scale. It was released in 2014. Wowza was developed to provide customisation and management of streamed content. It is developed by the Wowza media systems. One can use Wowza 4.3 to create live streaming sessions for global client delivery by utilizing CloudFront. The Wowza streaming service is used for streaming audio and video content over the internet to the desktop, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, internet-connected TV sets, game consoles, and nearly all network-connected devices.


Further, Wowza streaming engine 4.2 supports the following streaming protocols based on the HTTP.

  1. HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
  2. HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming)
  3. Seamless Streaming


Benefits of using Wowza Streaming Engine:

  •     Wowza streaming engine is capable of streaming to multiple devices simultaneously.
  •     As it is based on Java, it is easy to deploy on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Unix and Solaris.
  •     Streams audio/video on supported devices or players over any protocol just by using a single media server.
  •     Builds live or on-demand streaming apps for live events, news, surveillance and more.
  •     Can record the live stream of a file for on-demand playback. It records the overall webcast into a single file and divides the file for chapter replay.


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