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Oodles Technologies has been setting a benchmark in the IT echo-system for creating most dynamic and user-friendly 

online video content platform

 that organizes and manages your online video content most effectively. We focus on delivering robust customizable platform for online media content through smart transcoding and convenient library management.



The ultimate Turn-key solution: The platforms provided by Oodles facilitate users with web-based tools to most effectively encode and transcode the online media content. We make sure that your online video content is optimized to match various user criterions, such as support to multiple platforms (devices), bandwidth, and screen resolution.

Intuitive solution:Numerous clients worldwide are capitalizing on our expertise by using our

Video-on-Demand Streaming services

. The Adaptive Bitrate Streaming services makes it highly intuitive in terms of identifying the client system capabilities, hence, personalizing each stream, every time.


Future’s here:Currently, 53% of US marketers plan to use live streaming as part of their marketing campaigns. That’s how it works- Our implemented systems capture analytics and make sense of the data by exploring geographical location of the target user groups. Therefore, the analytics help in generating leads and solid Returns on Investment.

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