Oodles Technologies has been setting a benchmark in the IT echo-system for creating most dynamic and user-friendly

online video content platform

that organizes and manages your online video content most effectively. We focus on delivering robust customizable platform for online media content through smart transcoding and convenient library management.


The ultimate Turn-key solution: The platforms provided by Oodles facilitate users with web-based tools to most effectively encode and transcode the online media content. We make sure that your online video content is optimized to match various user criterions, such as support to multiple platforms (devices), bandwidth, and screen resolution.

Intuitive solution:Numerous clients worldwide are capitalizing on our expertise by using our

Video-on-Demand Streaming services

. The Adaptive Bitrate Streaming services makes it highly intuitive in terms of identifying the client system capabilities, hence, personalizing each stream, every time.

Future’s here:Currently, 53% of US marketers plan to use live streaming as part of their marketing campaigns. That’s how it works- Our implemented systems capture analytics and make sense of the data by exploring geographical location of the target user groups. Therefore, the analytics help in generating leads and solid Returns on Investment.

What do we offer?

We believe in delivering systems that aims to increase your business efficiency while operating in a highly optimized IT environment.

Check out the technologies we use to deliver most functional Online Video Content Management Systems:

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand

FFMPEG is a command line tool that molds images; records, converts and enables Audio and Video Streaming Services to different formats.It also supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a TV card. At Oodles, we provide a comprehensive Video Streaming Services with customer centric approach.

Our FFmpeg Development experts have answers for all your queries and can work on any conceptual idea you might have.

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Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand

Kaltura is the exclusive open source video platform with preeminent solutions for developers, enterprises and media management.
It provides exclusive services for video management, publishing, authoring, distribution and monetization solutions for media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers.

Seek our expert services in Video Content Management for exemplary Kaltura Video Streaming and publishing Services.

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Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand

Red5 is an extensible platform for video conferencing and network gaming. It is an open source flash server based on java and other powerful open source technologies to provide multiple solutions like Streaming Audio/Video (FLV and MP3) , Recording Client Streams (FLV only) , Shared Objects , Live Stream Publishing and Remoting (Action Message Format).

Why to choose Red5?

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Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand

Wowza Media Server is accounted for streaming of live and on-demand video, audio and RIAs(rich internet applications) over public and private IP networks to desktop, laptop and tablet computers, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, internet-connected TV sets, and other network connected devices.

Our Wowza 3.0 Development team collaborate professional expertise with sound technical capabilities to deliver unmatched, best quality services.

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Enjoy the Benefits
Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand View

In premium quality on any device, any network, any platform

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Stream

Seamlessly with intuitive Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Perfect

The technique of mass-appeal through your cross-functionality supported media content

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Analyze

Your audiences, their choices and preferences

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Lead

Generation through industry leading video analytics

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Videolize

Your brand! Use live streaming as part of your online and mobile marketing tactics.

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Protect

Your media content from potential threats

Online video streaming,Live streaming,Video On Demand Support

Services to respond to your queries quickly and efficiently.

From Technologies to Solutions

Oodles Technologies is a Digital Marketing and Information Technology Service providing company with focus on providing ultimate development services using latest innovative technologies effectively. Transcoding, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, Kaltura Live Streaming, or Video Content Delivery Networks we make sure that you are using video content optimally in your application.

Best End-to-End solutions
Dedicated support & Account Teams
Round the clock technical support
Business Drivers
  • Focus on customer success
  • Rich configurable platform
  • Industry-leading video analytics
  • Dedicated support and account teams
  • Excellent platform management
  • Proven deployment methodology

Our in-depth expertise on Online Video Content Management Systems and proven deployment methodology allows us to deliver rich, highly engaging offerings and unmatched results at any scale. Contact us at