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Grails is an open-source web application framework which was previously known as Groovy on rails. It’s a programming framework which uses Groovy and Ruby on Rails. Grails is used to build web applications that run on JVM. It is popular in the software community for its advanced features in addition to java features. With Grails, the development is easy and fast.



Apache Groovy
is an object-oriented language for the Java platform. It’s syntax matches with Java. Groovy is a dynamic language as it offers similar features to Ruby, Python, Perl, and Smalltalk. Grails is a high-productivity framework that follows "coding by convention" paradigm. It provides a stand-alone development environment which hides configuration details from the developers. Many big software firms like Disney, MTV, Netflix, Sky, LinkedIn, Walmart, ESPN

have used Grails for developing their products.


Benefits of Using Grails for businesses  


  • Low Maintenance
  • Developer Efficiency
  • Scaffolding capabilities(Reusability)
  • High-productivity
  • Ease of Java Integration
  • Agility
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Developer Productivity


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