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Grails is an open-source web development framework based on Apache Groovy language. Groovy is a dynamic programming language derived from Java. It is an object-oriented language for the Java platform and has some similarities with Ruby, Python, Perl, and Smalltalk. Groovy is used as a scripting language for the Java platform and is easily compiled with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Its syntax is java like. Grails is used to develop applications that run on JVM platform.


Grails operate under the Apache software license 2.0 is meant to be the highly productive framework by applying a “coding by convention” paradigm. Grails is easy to learn and master than other web application frameworks. In fact, it is the most popular web framework. Its scaffolding capabilities allow developers to quickly create an application. It is used by some big companies such as Disney, MTV, Netflix, Sky, LinkedIn, Walmart for creating well-known products.



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