Why Chatbots Are Taking Over Customer Service

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 20-Jul-2018

Chatbots taking customer service


With the growing era of technology, businesses are also evolving. AI has a huge role in changing the way customers interact with business and every company’s image mostly depends on their customer support system. Therefore you should focus more on offering a great customer experience. In Fact, you will be surprised to know, while interacting with the hospital, restaurant, airlines or bank you are greeted by a chatbot system.  The best chatbot systems are those in which you are not able to distinguish between the human being and the robot. Chatbots are the AI programs, inserted in apps which are designed to answer customer's query. Chatbot development company these days want to reach more and more audience with the rise of smart devices. And in return customers want the company to respond back to them instantly, therefore chatbots are becoming a necessity for real-time communication. 


Fewer errors:

The chatbot system works on the bases of keywords which can sometimes lead to wrong answers as the bot is trained to recognize the keywords and not the context of the question. In spite of that, chatbots make fewer errors than human beings because their cognitive technology is trained to provide automated answers which are much accurate than human answers. 


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No waiting time:

With the use of chatbots, customers will no longer have to wait for their questions to get answered. Unlike human beings, Bots are capable of making a conversation about sales and much more as soon as they get any query. The chatbots make the customer service a lot better than human beings as it is not always possible that an will be in front of their system 24/7. A chatbot is surely a cost-effective system to interact with the customers which never sleeps.

Reduced development costs

Chatbots are programs that are faster to create and maintain than any applications. It has a very simple user interface and many big companies now offer tools and frameworks that let you create chatbots at really low price using artificial intelligence and other technologies. 

Every technology has its own pros and cons and chatbots are no exception. Chatbots are trained to answer in certain style during the conversation and there are times when angry customers need to be handled with patience. This is not possible to achieve with the AI system. 


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